Sketchable 4 overhauls the UI and adds some cool new enhancements

For those unfamiliar with the name, Sketchable is a popular creativity suite for Windows. The app has just been updated to hit version 4.0 and with it brings a bunch of changes and improvements. The developer has focused on the user interface with the latest release, improving usability and ensuring all elements create a cohesive aesthetic. Interestingly, Microsoft's Surface design team was brought on board to aid in these efforts.

As well as the UI overhaul, Sketchable 4.0 introduces a floating stroke preview, real time brush tip cursor, customizable color selector, right-click color insertion, and streaming tutorials. These new additions are better explained below:

Layout and design

  • Designed in conjunction with Surface team designers
  • Reduced UI palettes from four to two
  • Updated every icon
  • Regrouped icons for a cleaner aesthetic

Color Picker

  • Moved icons to singular exterior overlay -Capable of achieving smaller sizes
    • Added three new custom form factors
    • Circular saturation and brightness picker
  • Dynamic RGB and HSB sliders
  • For economy of motion, users can click and drag the color Dropper from icon to desired color, thus requiring only one click.
  • Toggle button added for "touch can paint" to make it more discoverable.

Stroke Preview

  • New modern design
  • Sliders for Size, and tip opacity make the functionality more discoverable.
  • Can be moved and placed
  • Can remain open when painting or adjusting a stoke from an exterior source.
  • Up to 36 presets per tool
  • Added clone, reset, and delete brush presets
  • Provides textural feedback while choosing a preset, or scrubbing tip opacity or size

Real Time Brush Tip Cursor

  • Depicts diameter, roundness, angle, feather, etc…

Other notable changes

  • Substantial performance improvements
  • Reduced package size by ~150mb
  • Moved Lock Layer Transparency to the Layer Info dialog.
  • Added settings
    • RGB 0-255
    • Right click color picker
    • Link mouse and touch UI Sizes

Much like version 3, the previous release we covered, this is a fairly substantial update and one we're sure fans of the app will appreciate. Hit the link below to download the app for free. Do note that there's a one-time fee of $19.99 to access premium features.

Download Sketchable from the Windows Store

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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