Sketchable's latest painting features tap into the power of the new Surface Pen

Coinciding with the launch of the new Surface Pro and updated Surface Pen, Sketchable has added some brand-new painting features that take advantage of the Surface Pen's new tricks. In particular, Sketchable version 4.50 now includes more granular control over its tilt settings to better leverage the tilt support that was added to the new Surface Pen and is included on other digital pens.

Here's a look at the new brush settings in Sketchable version 4.5.0:

  • Diameter
    • Tilt Scale – Sets the multiple at which the size of a brush is distorted when tilted.
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Feather
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Tip Opacity
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Penetration
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Two new blend modes
    • Soft Grain
    • Hard Gain
  • Focus Slider
  • Noise Slider
  • Stylus Settings
    • Start angle – the angle at with the "tilt" affect begins
    • Range – A percentage multiplied by "tilt angle" to calculate the lower bounds of the tilt effect.

Sketchable also has new pencil brushes with tilt available for download.

More granular tilt controls should help achieve a more realistic digital drawing, so it's good to see more features added around it. You can grab Sketchable 4.50 at the Windows Store now, and the app's premium features are even currently up for grabs at a 25% discount for $15.

Download Sketchable at the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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