Skype account creation may force you to become the Batman to Microsoft's Riddler

Skype on iOS
Skype on iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Users have been reporting Skype is putting them through a brutal gauntlet of Captcha challenges in order to make an account.
  • The reports indicate said Captcha challenge needs to be completed not twice, not thrice, but ten times.
  • Windows Central attempted a fresh Skype account creation and only had to endure a single Captcha challenge, so results may vary.

Alright, so Microsoft has two ferries leaving Gotham harbor. One is loaded with Microsoft Teams users, and the other, Skype users. Now, in order to join the Skype users and prevent their boat from capsizing due to an autonomously enlarging hole in the hull of the ship, you'll need to recreate the Mona Lisa in Microsoft Paint—

This is a long way of saying that Skype is reportedly putting users through a lengthy series of taxing logic problems ("Captchas") before allowing them the simple privilege of creating an account. If you need a refresher on what a Captcha entails, content creator Dunkey has an excellent breakdown of the subject.

You can check out Reddit to witness the dogpile of people all lamenting the Herculean task that is setting up a Skype account due to the Captcha situation. For what it's worth, when we here at Windows Central took a stab at setting up a Skype account, we only had to deal with a single, easy "find the turtle" Captcha. But that's not to say the reports are wrong; too many have cited Microsoft's Riddler gauntlet's existence. The point is that you may luck out and be exempted from Redmond's Jigsaw-esque account setup process.

Skype Challenge

Source: Robert Carnevale / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Robert Carnevale / Windows Central)

It's doubtful many foresaw this when predicting the future of Skype. We will update this story in the event Microsoft introduces logarithmic equations into the Captcha lineup.

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