Free (unofficial) Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign Screensaver

WPDownUnder has created a humorous screensaver to compliment the #SmokedbyWindowsPhone competition. Ben Rudolph first challenged consumers who use different platforms at CES 2012 to see if they could best Windows Phone at normal tasks such as uploading a photo to Facebook.

Should you be interested in displaying superiority on your idle monitor, head on over to WPDownUnder to download the screensaver.

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Would be nice to see some kind of app that highlights day to day competitions, videos, and devices that run windows against other platforms.
  • Maybe this idea better, Microsoft build an Android and iPhone apps/screen saver. Those who "smooth" by WP, have to install it for certain time frame.
  • That r Microsoft buy out android and abolish it lol
  • "Complement," not "compliment."
  • Intrested and using it... :)
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