ChatGPT just got an update that makes its responses more accurate

OpenAI and ChatGPT
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What you need to know

  • ChatGPT recently received an update that improves the factuality of the tool and its math capabilities.
  • Earlier this month, OpenAI added the ability to stop ChatGPT mid-response.
  • ChatGPT has captured headlines by bringing the power of AI to a simplified and accessible interface.

ChatGPT is a popular AI-powered chatbot that can generate text and other types of content. First launched in November 2022, the tool has garnered attention, both good and bad, for what people are able to do with the accessible and simple-to-use AI bot. Yesterday, January 30, 2023, OpenAI shipped an update to ChatGPT.

Ironically, the team that writes the change log for ChatGPT is not chatty. The most recent release notes simply states, "We’ve upgraded the ChatGPT model with improved factuality and mathematical capabilities."

With the relatively short release notes from yesterday, it's worth catching up on other improvements that rolled out to ChatGPT recently.

ChatGPT January 9, 2023 release notes

  • We made more improvements to the ChatGPT model! It should be generally better across a wide range of topics and has improved factuality.
  • Stop generating: Based on your feedback, we've added the ability to stop generating ChatGPT's response

ChatGPT December 15, 2022 release notes

  • General performance: Among other improvements, users will notice that ChatGPT is now less likely to refuse to answer questions.
  • Conversation history: You’ll soon be able to view past conversations with ChatGPT, rename your saved conversations and delete the ones you don’t want to keep. We are gradually rolling out this feature.
  • Daily limit: To ensure a high-quality experience for all ChatGPT users, we are experimenting with a daily message cap. If you’re included in this group, you’ll be presented with an option to extend your access by providing feedback to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT provides a simple interface that allows users to use artificial intelligence. Because of the accessible nature of the tool, many people have tried it out and found different use cases for it. While many uses are frowned upon, such as cheating on homework, ChatGPT can also be used to generate code and text in wholesome ways.

OpenAI, which makes ChatGPT, recently expanded its partnership with Microsoft in a massive deal. Microsoft has big plans for AI, including integrating it into every one of its products in the future.

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