Microsoft Copilot has officially hit the big time — it's in a music video

Microsoft Copilot icon on rainbow burst
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What you need to know

  • In an unlikely turn, Microsoft Copilot has found itself starring in a new music video. No, really. 
  • Meghan Trainor's "To The Moon" music video launched this week and at one point she reaches for her iPhone and brings up Copilot to source valuable information. 
  • Does this mean Copilot is finally going mainstream? 

If, somehow, you hadn't heard, AI is a huge deal for Microsoft and Copilot is being pushed everywhere it can possibly be pushed. While we use it every day in these parts, mass adoption for AI is still something that's in the growth phase. 

Enter Meghan Trainor. Not the sort of music I would normally listen to personally, but hey, Copilot. The new video for the artist's track, "To The Moon," was released on May 7. At one point, Trainor reaches for her iPhone and brings up Microsoft Copilot (while showing off other Microsoft app icons, naturally). 

Check out the video for yourself below. Copilot comes in from the 27 seconds mark, if you want to skip to the good stuff. 

Very obviously this is a paid partnership, and Microsoft and Copilot are even given a spot in the credits roll at the end of the video. 

Product placements like this though are important to bring wider awareness. I'm actually pretty impressed with how this one was handled, too. The point of the music video isn't to show off Copilot, of course, but equally, it does that. 

Instead of just a passing glance, Copilot's brief appearance actually shows off, albeit fairly basically, proper use of the tool. It doesn't just flash up, and then it's gone, you get a good look at the question being asked and the job it does of producing results. 

Microsoft is clearly betting big on AI and Copilot, and I'm happy to see some casual marketing of it like this. I still feel like the company isn't doing a very good job at explaining to its customers what Copilot is and how it can make a difference in their day-to-day lives. But this is a start. 

Next time, how about Blink-182? 

Richard Devine
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