Poll: Are you sick of hearing about ChatGPT, Bing, and AI?

New Bing with ChatGPT at Microsoft AI event
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Microsoft's new Bing and ChatGPT continue to be the talk of the tech world. This week, Microsoft announced a dramatic change to Chat within Bing after it was discovered that long conversations with the search engine can cause the tool to go crazy. It was also discovered that Microsoft's demo of the new Bing included factual errors. But so many news stories about the same topic can make you numb to a topic.

News tends to trend. A topic gains traction with a small set of readers and a few publications and then gets picked up by bigger outlets. With each additional story that's published, websites look to cover that topic more. But eventually, you can reach a point of oversaturation where something is either no longer new enough to be interesting or is talked about so much that people tune it out. Our question this week, is if that's happened with you regarding ChatGPT, AI, and the new Bing.

Windows Central take

As someone who writes about AI every day, I'm in a strange position to judge if there are too many stories about it. Generally, people are very interested in ChatGPT, Bing, and artificial intelligence. Over 100 million people reportedly used ChatGPT in January and millions of people have signed up to try the new Bing.

To some extent, of course it's worth covering news and updates about AI. On the other hand, I understand the fatigue of every little change or aspect being covered. It's known that Bing can go off the deep end at times and say strange or alarming things. Does that make every Reddit thread about it worth a post? That's hard to say.

Of course, you may see me as part of the problem. I certainly write my fair share of AI posts. Please let me know what you think by reaching out to me on Twitter and voting in this week's poll.

Sean Endicott
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