Wondershare Filmora 12’s new color correction features will save your day

Filmora 12.3 Color Correction
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Imagine this. Your project is nearly finished. The messaging is done, you came up with a compelling title, and the final audio is perfect. But, right as you’re about to call it complete, you remembered there’s one thing left to do; one thing you've been putting off because of its difficulty —  coloring. 

The colors are all wrong.  

The footage is still washed out and looks nothing like it would in real life. Several segments of the content also look jarringly out of place. After reviewing, you conclude that the video simply isn't up to your standards.

All your hard work seems like it's been for nothing. 

This is an experience that most videographers are at least somewhat familiar with. And it's undeniably an unpleasant one as well. The issue is that with most video editing softwares, correcting color imbalances and enhancing a video's visual quality means at least several hours of work. 

With Wondershare Filmora, that's no longer the case. 

Just a few months after incorporating ChatGPT into Filmora 12, the developers of the leading video editing software have introduced another set of features designed to streamline the editing process, and get creators from idea to creation much faster. 

Wondershare Filmora 12

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The launch of Filmora 12.3,  comes with the introduction of several features designed to make color editing easier than ever before:  

  • Smart Color Correction: Automatically adjust a video based on its environment and balance out both contrast and lighting across each frame. 
  • Color Matching: With both a lookup table and a color temperature feature to help unify different clips into the same color palette and tone, users can ensure a more consistent overall look. 

All these features allow a creator at any skill level to effortlessly tweak their video colors in post-production with minimal time and effort. Most importantly, it accomplishes all of this without the steep learning curve that videographers typically experience with color editing on other platforms. 


Wondershare Filmora 12

(Image credit: Wondershare)

Wondershare Filmora was created with a very simple mission in mind — to provide storytellers with a streamlined and intuitive way to make their ideas a reality. With every update, it takes another step toward that end goal. Even now, millions of users in over 150 countries rely on the software for all their video editing needs. 

Why not join them? Whether you're a professional editor looking to save time and apply a consistent aesthetic or a beginner looking for a quick way to achieve a particular style, Filmora can make your life considerably easier. And the best part?

It's only going to keep improving from here.  

Filmora 12.3 is available as a free download, with a license available for purchase starting at $49.99 per year via Wondershare. It is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Android Phones, iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablets 

For more information or to stay up to date with product announcements, see the official Filmora Facebook page.  

WC Staff