Wondershare UniConverter 14 is the ultimate video converter and compressor for Windows

Wondershare UniConverter
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Creating engaging video content takes creativity, passion, and a lot of work. But with how prevalent video content is today, it’s no surprise to see people from all industries creating meaningful video content. 

Business marketers are looking to record audio and video for educational videos, product resources, sales enablement, and more, while content professionals and even those just starting out are trying to download, convert, and edit files to help them create their next viral sensation. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Working and studying from home has become the new way of life for many around the world who all need to record meetings, webinars, and other learning resources; communicate more effectively; and streamline workflows. When audio and video files are too large, the format does not match, or there’s a watermark on the video, it can make it all the more difficult for anyone to create or manage content. 

This is where the magic of UniConverter 14 comes into play. One of the biggest updates for this release is the new AI-powered audio features. Wondershare leverages the power of AI to enhance vocals in video content by intelligently removing background noise like rain, wind, and car sounds, which is great for everything from conference recordings to podcasts. 

The vocal separation capability can separate vocals from background music to make it even easier to complete that next viral music video.

Wondershare UniConverter home screen

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And speaking of video, there’s plenty of new video features in this version as well. Conversion speed has been increased by 50%. There’s support for 4K and 8K HDR HD video, full-process GPU acceleration, as well as multi-file simultaneous GPU acceleration and GPU batch processing, making every video-editing process more efficient. 

Why UniConverter is the ultimate video converter and compressor for Windows

Quick, efficient, and lightweight

One of the best parts of UniConverter is how fast and simple it is to use. Because it’s such a lightweight program meaning it isn’t bundled down with a lot of extra bloatware or stuff your don’t need, it can be downloaded and installed in seconds leaving you more time to focus on creating great content. 

And UniConveter 14 has been upgraded to be faster and cleaner than ever with a renewed focus on the core features and functions to make it a more seamless user experience. 

Easily convert to and from thousands of formats

One of the more challenging aspects of video editing is figuring out and sifting through all the different video formats between the cameras that capture the footage and the platforms that show the video. Thankfully, UniConverter supports over 1,000 video and audio formats so you can compress any file into whatever format needed to send it wherever it’s going. 

Wondershare video compression options

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Whether you’re wanting to make it compatible with mobile devices, send it to someone in an email, or share it on social media, UniConverter offers nearly unlimited formats to choose from. 

Conversion speeds on a whole new level

Converting files, especially large video files, has typically been one of the most time consuming parts of editing but for the latest version of UniConverter, Wondershare has increased the conversion speeds by 50%. That’s a pretty significant improvement. It also supports full-process GPU acceleration for 4K and 8K HDR HD video as well as for processing multiple files at once making batch processing a much faster experience. 

In fact, with the added GPU acceleration (for supported graphics cards), UniConverter is now 120x faster converting audio and video files than other video converters. 

Lossless compression

Compressing video files is a critical part of editing and managing videos, but often it means losing quality of the file as it’s compressed to a smaller size. UniConverter 14 helps with this as well by offering ensuring video files retain their quality as they are compressed. In fact, UniConverter 14 can compress files to one-ninth of their original volume without losing any quality. 

Video compression in UniConverter

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To make using UniConverter a seamless experience, Wondershare has upgraded the user interface to make it much cleaner and easier to use. All the other great features of UniConverter are still around like the ability to record videos, download from your favorite video sites, save and manage video files, and even burn DVDs for those who still use them. 

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No one in the content industry is going to say it’s easy, but don’t give up. Thankfully UniConverter makes it easy to create inspiring and engaging videos that will take your content to the next level. UniConverter is available now and is fully compatible with Windows 11. Download it for free today to try it out for yourself. 

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