We won't call this a "review" since last we checked the Windows Phone 7 OS has yet to be finished, nor are there any consumer phones out there to evaluate.

Despite all of that, someone at InfoWorld managed to cobble enough words together to almost form a coherent rant about the direction Microsoft has taken with Windows Phone 7.

Look, we get it--some people really like the 'Metro' UI and some don't. That's cool. But basing your whole critique on your personal aesthetics and then going ahead and predicting failure months before release is a bit, ahem, shortsighted and naive.

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Considering no functionality or cloud services like Xbox, Zune store, Sharepoint, Office, Skydrive, Live Phone, Outlook, Bing was even mentioned, let a lone discussed, we have to say that this "piece" fairs only slightly higher than "angry message forum rant" and pretty much fits the notion of internet trolling. That and only that is where "Windows Phone 7: Don't bother with this disaster" accomplishes its goal and to you, Mr. Gruman, a golf-clap.

So if you're excited about a craptacular read, click away. Otherwise, lets all move on...

[Thanks? Anonymous Tipper]