Sony Ericsson is looking for handouts ... Anybody seen Bono lately?

First there was the CEO shakeup, then the revelation that the Xperia X1 was "an experiment" that didn't really pay off as hoped, and now this. Sony Ericsson needs some money. When we say some, we mean something like 100 million Euros, which works out to about $135 million U.S.[NYT via Giz]

That's not to say all's lost for ol' SE. We've seen what a large infusion of funding can do to a mobile company (lookin' at you, Palm). And while SE's not seeking anywhere near that level of funding, these are different times from when rock star Bono and Elevation Partners came to the resecue, and money's not flowing so freely. But hang in there, SE. Maybe that rumored X2 will turn things around.

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Phil Nickinson

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