Spanish brand Funker outs the W5.5 Pro with Windows 10 Mobile

Spanish smartphone brand Funker has announced a new Windows 10 Mobile handset, called the W5.5 Pro. As the name suggests, the W5.5 Pro features a 5.5-inch 720p screen, along with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage. Also powering the device is a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 processor along with a 2600mAh battery. Topping things off is a 13MP camera on the rear, along with a 5MP shooter up front.

As for looks, the exterior of the phone takes some design cues from Funker's Android offerings, sporting a pretty minimalist look overall. Funker says that the exterior is also water resistant, so the W5.5 Pro can survive a bit of exposure.

If you reside in Spain and the Funker W5.5 Pro sounds like it's up your alley, you can go ahead and order one for €239 from Funkers website at the link below.

Thanks to @bemiquel on Twitter for the tip!

See at Funker{.cta .shop}

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  • Looks like the Coship.
  • It IS the Coship Moly X1, rebranded -
  • It's OEM based model. I'm not surprised at all...
  • Nice!
  • Seems pricey for such mid range specs.
  • Agreed.
  • Be happy the OEM are still here. Hopefully the prices won't block buyers.
  • Nice but what is the Pro part?
  • My thoughts exactly, enough with the pro thingy already.
  • Well Windows is associated with productivity, it makes sense.
  • Mid range specs would be a device using a Snapdragon 6XX processor. This would be the top of the low end Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Android app on 950xl..??
  • It's just his signature.
  • What if this madness....??? Project Astoria?
  • Sounds reasonable to me, just needs a 1080p display.
  • Pricey? It's Cheap compared with 650.
  • Solid spec....thats what Lumia 650 should have, not 210 again..
  • Indeed! Lumia 650 do look nice but Soc is a downgrade for any 640 users. They always have to compromise on something for whatever reason.
  • I know rumors are often accurate, but the 650 hasn't even been announced yet.
  • This looks nice. Even the tiles look pleasant. I hope they sell enough to make the company release version 2.
  • Yep pricey
  • Certainly not pricey by European standards. Remember we pay €160 for a Lumia 640.
  • Es un poco caro! Los BQ tienen mejor diseño y son mas baratos, pero esta bien que nuevos constructores llegan al mercado :)
  • Los BQ tienen Android jajaja me he equivocado :D
  • Es de mal gusto que comentes en español en una pagina global de noticias en ingles. Si quieres que se valore tu comentario al menos deja algo en ingles para los que NO saben español, NO tienes que traducir todo, pero con dejar una idea ( o una disculpa ) basta para la mayoria, algo como lo siguiente:
    You shouldn't post comments in spanish in this site that have a global audience, not because the source of the news comes from Spain means that it should be posted/commented in spanish, just a friendly advice for next time ;)
  • Weird name but looks good. But it would be nice to have Windows Hello on a midrange phone.
  • Yah.... I can think of several ways to use that name in a sentence.
  • Nice looking, ok specs, ok price. Keep them coming!
  • Nice looking phone! Kinda pricey for a mid-range though. I think we need this phone to be available on more countries, especially the emerging ones.
  • What the Funk!!
  • Looks decent enough. The only thing I care about is the fact that we have other OEM's are coming out with phones. That's 3 we have heard about just today. Now If only we could get an LG, Samsung or HTC device as well.
  • They won't because they are to greedy
  • You know greedy means that they want more? More ways of making money, I.e more options.
  • More oems more win 10 mobile. And who said windows mobile is dead?
  • About 90% of the worlds app developers lol.
  • And water resistant seems a decent offer.
  • Competitor is already coming out for the unannounced Lumia 650, I doubt it even has same specs as the funker. Nice piece of hardware overall
  • Funker sounds German. ​
  • Funk that!!!
  • So the successor will be called the pro 2?
  • I would go for some other brand than Lumia but the question is will MS support this phone as much ? I mean in term of updates, apps etc. (remember like other OEMS didnt had Lumia apps?)
  • But Lumia applications belonged to 'Nokia'.
  • Not true. Microsoft acquired the lumia apps.
  • Updates will keep coming...even more likely than if it was from a bigger OEM like Samsung,...
    They will just pass the updates through, for example many smaller OEMs like Blu have already announced that their phones will get the update from 8.1 to 10, you see. To be sure you can wait until w10m releases to older phones in a month or so and watch what phones get updates.
    Ms also tries to re-release former Nokia Lumia-only apps for all w10m devices, I do think there will stay a few exclusive things, but not in the same extent as in old Nokia times, would say this is no dealbreaker any more.
  • Samsung drop support after a year usually. I have a galaxy ace 3 I'm my drawer. 14 months old and stuck with 4.2.2!!!! Come on..... I had 5.01 running on it in no time. Oh, I forget, they aren't interested in the low end of the market!
  • It's pretty funky. But seriously, those specs aren't bad. Certainly better than some Lumias.
  • Im going to wait for my vaio phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But But But Windows Phone is dead.....
  • Windows Phone is dead. This is Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Lol.
  • This must be the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • 240€ is a good price for such specs in Europe, especially for a windows phone. I think Moto G is around the same price and around the same specs so this one is pretty comparable. Definitely bettet than over 300€ for worse specced L830
  • But, windows phone are dead... Isnt that android fanboys are trying to convice us about?
  • This is the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • But windows 10 mobile is alive.
  • Read that as "Spanish band Funker..."
  • LOL, me too!
  • Keep them coming, slow but sure...
  • LOL, this is as Pro as the Lumia 830 was a "flagship."
  • Water resistance and great design - things the lumia 950 is missing ;)
  • Yay for Spain!
  • Nice! Looks like windows 10 mobile is not so dead after all :D
  • Please also in 4.5" so that I can stay with Windows phone
  • Now this, for a change is good news! Yet another OEM. I just hope the here apps will be available directly rather than going around the houses like the BluWin devices! As for the price, yes it is a bit steep, but these quoted prices are RRP. There aren't many things sold at recommended prices. Take the 950. Prices dropping. Band 2 £199 in UK, now down to £169. The 640xl is one of the few devices in the UK that have held up well. Anyways, great to see another OEM, and at last some good news! I bet the doom mongers and naysayers will still be spreading their particular take on things.. That reminds me, if they are so depressed, and downtrodden about win mobile, I do have a large supply of lithium and other mood stabilisers. I'm bipolar, and I dislike all the doom and gloom. As Newcleus said back in the 80's, everybody rock to the new age funk! ( just don't mention the wiki wiki song. Lol)
  • If this platform is dead, then this must be the zombie apocalypse!!!
  • This Funker is a BAD mother!
  • Hmm... Everyone is proclaiming Windows Phone dead while the OS is getting more third party support than ever. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 400 series should be for lower end phones. 600 mid range...800 series well we know. Don't understand why they can't combine the processor, with the right features, at the right price. It just seems that they're making choices more confusing. Why would I give up my 640, for a 650. The phone for business exec's. It's a joke.
    Business phone 6xx series processor, Continuum, Windows Hello. It doesn't need a hi end camera. It needs business functionality, and proper pricing. The price must be within a range, for small to medium business people to afford.
    The Funker phone has potential.
  • I am glad to see a non microsoft phone being announced.
  • At least the OEMs will follow a good marketing strategy...
  • OEMs will market phones better than MIcrosoft will.