SPB Mobile Shell teams up with Xperia X1 panels

Aside from its top-notch hardware, one of the more interesting (and curious) things about the Xperia X1 is its nine-panel interface. As we've previously reported, Sony Ericsson has released the software development kit for the panels, so that anyone can develop their own.

It turns out that one of our favorite developers, SPB Software House, has done exactly that and already worked up its popular Mobile Shell for use on the X1.

As you undoubtedly know from our review, Mobile Shell 2.0 effectively skins Windows Mobile and makes it much more touch-friendly, with crisp icons, dial-by-photo, weather info and slick graphical menus. These things look great on "normal" devices. We can only imagine what the X1's souped-up hardware can do for it.

In this implementation, Mobile Shell serves as one of the nine customizable panels, allowing use of the other eight as you please. SPB's press release says it will be included with all X1's for free. It's also available now as a cab file (download here) on SE's Web site.

Check out a flurry of YouTube videos after the jump for a look at SPB Mobile Shell on the Xperia X1.

WC Staff