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SPB on Windows Phone 7: Waiting to see demand from users first

SPB Software is no stranger to Windows Phone users--their Mobile Shell became one of the most used UI replacements for Windows Mobile history. So of course it's no surprise that many of us are wondering what their status is in regards to Windows Phone 7? With Mobile Shell, Wallet, Time and TV they have a nice catalog and who knows what they could create for WP7.

Well, as you can probably read from the Tweet above, it looks like they are on the fence waiting for users to chime in and show demand.

How can you show demand? Glad you asked. Well we know one way is to take their SPB Survey 2010, which they do every year and is one of the largest polls of smartphone preferences out there (plus you can win stuff). If that doesn't suit your fancy, we suppose hitting them with email and tweets are alternatives. Either way, feel free to let them know!

Source: Twitter

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