Spider-Man Unlimited updated - just not the Windows Phone version

We have heard rumors over the weekend that Gameloft was dropping support for the Windows Phone game Spider-Man Unlimited. Updates have been pushed out for the iOS and Android versions but, to date, nothing has been seen for the Windows Phone version.

Searching the various Gameloft social networks did not help bring anything into focus and our first thought was the delay could simply be an issue with the Windows Phone Store certification. Instead of jumping the gun, we reached out to Gameloft to see if they could shed any light on things.

Gameloft's U.S. Public Relations Manager, Mandy Paez, confirmed the rumors. Citing resources being occupied to ensure that all of Gameloft's new games are available for Windows Phone and Windows 8 in a timely manner, the update is not currently planned to release on Windows Phone.

However, it is not all bad news from Gameloft regarding Spider-Man Unlimited. Events (weekly and daily challenges) will be returning to the game later this week and customer support will still be available for any known issues and troubleshooting.

Gameloft has been a strong supporter of the platform with a large collection of quality games in the Windows Phone Store. While it is a little surprising to see them hold off on updating Spider-Man Unlimited, it should open up the door to new releases and maybe, once the dust settles the update will move forward. You can always hope.

If we pick up on any more news on this, we will be sure to pass it on.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips on this over the weekend!

Update: We just received clarification about resuming the Events feature with the Windows Phone version of Spider-Man Unlimited. According to Gameloft, Windows Phone gamers will have the opportunity to re-visit old events and collect Spiders they may have previously missed. So if you missed out on earning Spider-Knight or the Ultimate Black Widow, you'll get another shot at these characters.

George Ponder

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