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Sprint definitely confirms Windows Phone for tomorrow

Like we needed any more proof from the other day, Sprint has gone ahead and dropped the "Xbox" word in their latest tweet just moments ago.

So no Android, no HP WebOS...just sweet, sweet Windows Phone 7. Probably, most definitely the HTC 7 Pro aka the T7575 aka "Arrive".

Come back and rejoice tomorrow when the details are posted...

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Interesting that their 2nd or 3rd 'tweet' on this mentioned twitter integration, I didnt think we were getting this ability for a while...gonna make me angry if that's on just this cdma phone...I know I dont have that on my Focus and I'd heard that wasnt part of the NoDo updated coming soon.
  • It would be nice if Sprint got another device as well, 1 is not much. They should try to go a 2nd device without a KB as well.
  • Omnia 7
  • alright so its obvious sprint is getting a WP7 but geeeeez i want one without a keyboard and wishingly from samsung with there super amoled
  • I'm so glad it is happening very soon, I'm leaving my pre minus for windows phone, if it wasn't for the great community over at and webos internals or whoever is doing all the great work they do for WebOS, I may have already left to *gasp android. I have nothing against it, and will not be 'pushing' my windows phone to anyone, people have the right to buy what they want, WP, android and iOS are all fine if that is what you like, but I know of at least 6 probably 8 people in my immediate family who are going to buy WP7 devices because of me. And I have a couple of friends that want to see it. Thank you sprint for talking me into staying, I almost left to Tmobile in November. I wonder how soon from announcement the release is. and I hope they sell it at BestBuy, I don't want to deal with a mail in rebate. Plus I have rewards cash
  • Supposedly the March update to WP7 brings CDMA support, so I'd expect this phone around the same time.
  • But if the update is ready, and it is loaded on the phones, they could potentially start selling them sooner. Right?
  • thats what i was thinking
  • Definitely beats the dual-screen Android phone. Too bad they aren't hyping this up more.David Blane, where are you?
  • Called my local store and they knew nothing. So its not even in stock yet which is a disappointment. Hope they release this thing ASAP!
  • If the update is due on the 8th at best, or the week after that, then we still have time to go. Of course the retail stores could be in the dark till tomorrow, or told not to say anything. But either way there's no reason to expect that they'll announce a WP7 device tomorrow and not ship it soon.
  • I dont think any OEM is actually waiting till the 8th or when the update itself is released to build a CDMA WP7 device. That would take additional months of testing by them and Sprint. Seems obvious the update has already gone to whichever OEM is producing CDMA WP7 devices and we should see any announcement tomorrow give a release date within weeks, if not sooner, or at least at the same time the update hits to maintain versions across WP7 devices.
  • True. Just was hoping they might actually release this in the wild tomorrow.
  • ROM was finalized Jan 24th, it's done and baked. We, the consumer, are waiting for the update, not OEMs. It's rumored that by mid-March this will ship.
  • where is verizon in all this? damn it, big red, you've failed me!
  • Verizon? We need to vote with our money, if you all go to Sprint, and sprint gets more money, they could build better networks, and still have low pricing. which, face it, sprint has the best plans/pricing, this would force Verizon and ATT to drop their prices, The only reason I stay with Sprint is the pricing, and customer service.
  • Any time I call Sprint they run me through a bunch of scripts and tell me to go to the service center. When I go there, they expect me to wait in line even when I've scheduled an appointment. They always make me wait at least an hour for a tech to tell me what I already knew. It should be telling that they hire a private security guard (unarmed) and have "No Guns" signs all over their stores. If they need to hire guards and ban guns from their premises, maybe they should reconsider the way they interact with their customers.Glad someone is staying for their customer service... when people say this it makes me wonder if they're masochists. Not a bad thing - just not the relationship I'm looking for with my mobile provider.
  • It seems to me that many other cell providers like ATT and Verizon are well overpriced now in the advent of the iPhone. However, TMobile has comparable prices to Sprint. I almost left to ATT because of the Kyocera thing, but now I will wait till tomorrow. I like the unlimited data. TMobile has unlimited data but I am skeptical about service reach. I know that if its the HTC Pro 7 the screen will be small but at least with unlimited data I will be able to watch tv, movies, and play games at will. Maybe I can make do until something better comes up.
  • i hope it comes with 4g or its not gonna be worth a penny , maybe a penny but not more
  • Yeah, if it's 4G then it will be a homerun. If not, it's likely to merely attract people who are tired of waiting for Sprint to come out with a decent phone worth the upgrade.I've been waiting for them to release a phone worthy of an upgrade for ages. Last phone I bought from them was the HTC Mogul. Presently on a HTC Touch Pro 2 that was a warranty replacement when they ran out of refurbished Moguls.