Sprint Diamonds Arriving; Suffering from CD?

Looks like people are finally getting their spanking new Sprint HTC Diamond's from TeleSales and while most reports have been positive, looks like there is one problem that quite a few are reporting:

Unable to connect to the sweet, sweet Internet i.e. Connectile Dysfunction (CD)

Some have tried a hard-reset, others the IOTA (update phone profile) while others (including mikec in our fourms) have to send it back. With supplies running low on initial sales, replacements may be hard to come by.

Wideawake of ppcgeeks has posted what appears to be a "fix" for some users:

1. Dial ##3282# 2. Click Edit and enter your MSL. (Call sprint for your MSL) 3. Tap & Highlight Active Profile. 4. Click Menu then Edit. 5. Change value to 1 then Ok, Ok again. 6. Click Yes to update the items then Ok to reset. and/or Try Start/Settings/System tab and click Update Profile.

So what say you new Diamond owner? Are you suffering from CD? Did the above help? Shout out in comments...

WC Staff
  • better get some pills to fix that.
  • I've had my Diamond for about 4 hours and she connects fine so far. This device is sweet.
  • Works great!! Both on Sprint EVDO and WiFi. I am soo happy I got rid of my insticnt for this!!!
  • I had this issue. Phone worked and received calls within a minute of transfering from my mogul. When i got home and the data STILL didnt work, I called Sprint for my MSL and the fix worked like a charm.
  • The desire to play with these things is really intense. Making the Diamond my 5th WM phone, I ask myself when I look at it if I really wanna continue with the key pad. My 2 hour play with the iPhone was no way, this...the desire.
  • Thanks. My data was not working. When I called Sprint they told me that a tower was down in my area. I tried this advise anyway and now my data is working like a charm. Thank WMExperts