Sprint Productivity Survey: Apparently we're happy working all the time

Sprint conducted a survey recently that revealed that folks think their phone makes them more productive, that text messaging helps that, and that we're bringing our work phones along on vacation. How exactly to reconcile that last point with the feeling that we "have achieved work-life balance"? With a lot of denial, if you ask me.

Ah well, these results should make bosses more likely to buy their employees fancy smartphones, that's hopefully a win for us lowly workers.

Today Sprint (NYSE: S) released findings from the 2006 Sprint Productivity Survey, a nationwide index of wireless phone users and their productivity. Although the results show nearly all wireless phone subscribers (93 percent) bring work-related mobile phones on vacation, the majority of Americans say they have achieved work-life balance (73 percent) and are more productive today than two years ago (67 percent).

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WC Staff