Hope you were smart and heeded our story last week, as we stated Sprint's much appreciated super-duper-secret awesome pricing plan has come to an abrupt end today.

Those going to the Sprint SERO (www.sprint.com/sero) site are now redirected to their Everything Plus system, which is still an exclusive employee referral program but somewhat less crazy-cheap..

The catch now is you need to actually have their email and last 3 digits of their employee ID--much harder than the old generic email system of yore, eh?

The benefit for new users? The plans are still very competitive:

  • Everything Plus 500 is going to be $59.99
  • Everything Plus 1000 is going to be $79.99
  • Simply Everything for $99.99 will still be an option

The older plans started at $30 and $50, so the increase is significant but at least you now get unlimited Sprint TeleNav and some Sprint TV offerings (pretty pointless on WM devices we suppose).

As previously noted, older SERO customers are 'grandfathered' in so you're all set. You should also be able to order new phones and get the discounts without having to change plans.