StaffPad music notation app updated with full Windows 10 support and more

The popular music notation app StaffPad has been updated with its previously announced full support for Windows 10. The update comes with a revamp of its user interface, along with a new voice activated Composer Assistant.

Here's the breakdown of the major StaffPad update:

  • Full redesign for Windows 10
  • New voice activated Composer Assistant - edit your score with your voice.
  • Partial bar selection
  • Swing playback support
  • New musical symbols; Scoop, doit, plop, fall.
  • Per-page scrolling on playback
  • Search capabilities on the home screen
  • Copyright information now included in Score Details
  • Quickly share the StaffPad file from the home screen
  • Quicker loader times for large scores
  • Octave clefs
  • Multiple bug fixes, and overall improvements

StaffPad will still run on Windows 8 and 8.1, but its features are now frozen, with development to move forward only on the Windows 10 version.

Buy StaffPad from the Windows Store ($69.99) (opens in new tab)

Source: StaffPad

John Callaham
  • Best app in the world
  • Definitely
  • The fact that developers are freezing features for older OS versions will aid in the adoption of W10.....
  • I am so impressed by this app. It deserves showcasing in a national Surface ad.
  • Hasn't it already?
  • As someone who plays music it's a shame this app is if no use to me.. Completely my fault because I never was taught or took the time or initiative to learn sheet music... Just play by ear
  • It's never too late mate :-) Give it a try, get used to some simple concepts and I bet you'll be able to work it out in a few hours.
  • If you want to learn the concepts of music at an accelerated rate, get some piano theory books. It covers a lot of ground, and as long as your committed to studying and learning, you could learn to read music in a matter of months. Posted with the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • Playing with my ear too... I think huge numbers of rockers don't use complex notes.. Just ear and brain..
  • Thx for the support guys... I'm sure if I dedicated myself, I definitely could. But there aren't many hours in a day and I'm rapidly approaching 40 lol... It would have served me better in my youth, as I don't really write or play much anymore... Getting old blows
  • Excited to experience the updates.
  • As an original adopter who sells what I produce with this life-changing app, finally! Thank you staffpad!
  • Has anyone used this on a non-touch device (e.g. desktop or laptop)? If yes, is it still good?