StaffPad music notation app updated with full Windows 10 support and more

The popular music notation app StaffPad has been updated with its previously announced full support for Windows 10. The update comes with a revamp of its user interface, along with a new voice activated Composer Assistant.

Here's the breakdown of the major StaffPad update:

  • Full redesign for Windows 10
  • New voice activated Composer Assistant - edit your score with your voice.
  • Partial bar selection
  • Swing playback support
  • New musical symbols; Scoop, doit, plop, fall.
  • Per-page scrolling on playback
  • Search capabilities on the home screen
  • Copyright information now included in Score Details
  • Quickly share the StaffPad file from the home screen
  • Quicker loader times for large scores
  • Octave clefs
  • Multiple bug fixes, and overall improvements

StaffPad will still run on Windows 8 and 8.1, but its features are now frozen, with development to move forward only on the Windows 10 version.

Buy StaffPad from the Windows Store ($69.99)

Source: StaffPad

John Callaham