Engadget is playing around in Helsinki these days and hanging out with Nokia. They just posted a 12 minute video interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who gave the usual Nokia lines for their company, boasting about location services, the Lumia brand, working with Microsoft and more.

Elop even faced some tough questions about HTC's recent new Windows Phone 8 lineup and whether or they copied Nokia (or at the very least, were inspired).

While no new nuggets of information really came forward, the more impressive part is that the video for the interview was shot completely on a Lumia 920 (audio was done via regular microphones). While the video quality is no highend HD Sony cam, it's not half bad for a camera phone, actually it's pretty great for a prototype. We especially like the color saturation and white balance and clearly its stable.

Check out the interview and sound off in comments.