Street View now on Google Maps for Windows Mobile


WC Staff
  • Sweet update/nice find!
    The graphics are much tighter and sharper with this version and Street View works great.
  • Took me forever to figure out how to get street view. On the Fuze (or any other touch screen device) tap and hold to get the pop-up menu. The last option on the menu is "Street View". Very nice improvements all the way around.
  • Good tip on the touchscreen! Only way I've found to use it on the Q9h is with search. (Oh. What's it say in that photo up top? Post edited. Sigh.)
    (And, yeah, I know the building in the video is some sort of tire shop and doesn't say SME. The mothership is elusive!)
  • Honolulu does not appear to be street viewable; however, the general interface itself looks good and it works well from the card.
  • It's working well, there doesn't appear to be any visual aid as to which streets have street view and which don't; would be helpful.
  • @bvone21: Give this a shot.
  • Really? Street view doesn't look TERRIBLE with your QVGA phone?
    I think it does! But then, my QVGA Moto Q is resting after being replaced by the Fuze, and I'm completely spoiled. No pixelation on VGA screens with street view!
  • i just loaded on my tmobile wing, which i love... but it doesn't show a choice for street view..... do u have to have gps for street view to work?
  • Is the wing a touch screen? If so, tap and hold. The Street View should be at the bottom of the pop-up menu.
  • i tried every way but no street view option.... should i load it to my device or storage card?
  • @godson66: Sure you have the right version? Go to Help>About and make sure you have If you still need help, e-mail me at phil.nickinson at wmexperts dot com.
  • Thanks for the heads up,,,,,, no more java hack 4 me :D
  • Not happy with this version. "My Location" is now more unavailable than usual - it definitely worked better on the previous version.
    Yes, Street View looks decent in QVGA screens, as I tried it on a UBIQUIO 530G. I think YouTube's video compression is what is causing the excessive pixelation on the video above.
  • Compression and the fact that you're seeing a 320x240 screen at about 425 pixels wide here. Shoulda shrunk that down to actual size. My bad.
  • I'm sure this isn't a surprise but Street View is available on the desktop version of Googlemaps as well. I don't remember seeing it before today.
  • Works well on the 800W.
  • Hrm, I updated google maps and everything is fine except now opera mobile seems to be overtaken by it? Whatever links I click for opera seem to try to open google maps, however gmaps doesn't open this way. It just shows google maps in the title bar but nothing else. I'm using a Sprint Touch Diamond btw...
  • Ugh, nevermind. Soft reset fixed it. Winmo you drive me nuts sometimes :P
  • Just loaded on my Mogul. GPS used to work, doesn't now. I think I will be going back to the old version.
  • Has anyone noticed that Copy & Paste no longer works (at least on the Treo 700wx)? This is terrible! Additionally when you load up a contact, you don't see their actual address on the map anymore, just their name. Very frustrating, typically such contacts I'm finding directions to are ones whose exact street address I am unfamiliar with and need to see the most! Also we're forced to get "Directions to" our locations, "Directions from" is no longer an option. These three mistakes are much more critical than the cool looking but mostly useless street view (there should also be an option to disable it, I've accidentally zoomed into it when wanting to just get a closer look at the regular map view). Has anyone else noticed these problems? Does anyone have the previous version so that I can switch back? Thanks.
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