Take a first look at Super Dungeon Bros, a co-op Roguelike coming to Xbox One and Windows 10

Way back in 2008, indie studio React Games emerged to remake the classic strategy game Archon for consoles and PC. Since then, the studio has mostly created mobile games and apps such as Dragons Adventure Companion for select Lumia Windows Phones. This winter, they return to console gaming with Super Dungeon Bros for Xbox One, Windows 10, PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

As the title implies, Super Dungeon Bros is a cooperative dungeon crawler. Up to four players will team up as the titular band of roadies on a quest to discover the legends of rock in a dark musical world. With challenging Roguelike elements, impressive co-op features, and a unique banter system, Super Dungeon Bros looks like a co-op game to keep an eye on. Read on for our impressions and video with developer interview and gameplay!

Meet the Bros

The Super Dungeon Bros are a group of roadies who live in the medieval fantasy realm of Rökheim. These dudes don't have actual musical talent, but they love music itself. They'll need all their roadie know-how and fighting skills as they embark on a quest to "uncover the legends of long lost fabled Rock Stars" in Rökheim's deadliest dungeons.

The four Bros all play the same, but each has a distinctive personality that comes across in his banter. The team consists of:

  • Axl (blue): The muscle of the group; prefers to solve problems with violence
  • Freddy (red): The group's craziest member, he's dumb, silly, and fun.
  • Lars (yellow): Thinks of himself as a ladies' man, but terrible at talking to women. Hopes to hook up with the queen of Chillheim, the second world of the game.
  • Ozzie (green): A genius but also quite a prankster; excels at making traps.

Super Dungeon Bros


Since the Bros all play the same, weapons are how gamers will experience different playstyles. Each weapon class has its own strengths and weaknesses, plus a unique co-op move.

Basic weapon types include:

  • Swords: Can create the Bro Nado, the game's signature move. The sword wielder swirls into a tornado, sucks up other players (regardless of their weapon types), and moves around the screen. The more players in a Bro Nado, the more damage it deals.
  • Crossbows: Ranged weapon, requires ammunition. The limited ammunition encourages strategic play rather than mindless shooting.
  • Hammers: Deliver lethal melee blows.
  • Wands: Fight with magic and perform buffs and debuffs on your friends and enemies.

Super Dungeon Bros

Teaming up to take down dungeon bosses

The realm of Rökheim consists of three worlds: Cryptheim, Chillheim, and Bogheim. Our Bros will have to explore dungeons within these worlds, all procedurally generated so they change every time. Each dungeon has five sections filled with monsters, pits, and traps. Huge bosses await on the final floor of every dungeon.

Super Dungeon Bros is a Roguelike, so individual trips through the three worlds will be short but challenging. The game offers lots of loot to search for and unlock in order to keep players coming back. Some of these include new skins, weapons, rock albums and songs, and much more.

In addition to normal dungeons, players will be able to compete in Daily and Weekly dungeons akin to the daily and weekly levels in Rayman Legends. Unlike the normal dungeons, these limited time dungeons will be instanced so that everyone faces the same challenge. Players only get one shot at each daily dungeon, they'll be able to replay the weekly dungeon any number of times throughout the week.

Super Dungeon Bros

Bro-operative play coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 game

Super Dungeon Bros supports single-player and local co-op with any combination of local and online players. That means two players on the same system can hop online to form a team with two more online players, etc. "Combo co-op" is a relatively uncommon feature, so it's always great to see developers who plan to include it from the get-go. Plus the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions will be able to play together!

Naturally React will include several co-op features such as picking up and throwing other players, reviving fallen Bros, and team-based special moves. The team only gets five shared lives per dungeon, so everyone needs to work together.

The most unique co-op feature here is the contextual banter system. When one player activates dialog with the d-pad, his Bros can opt to deliver unique responses in the same way. I'm not sure how much banter really adds to the game, but I'm looking forward to trying it out down the line.


Super Dungeon Bros E3 2015 photo

React Games hopes to release Super Dungeon Bros this winter – they'll announce more specifics next month. The game will come to Xbox One, Windows 10, PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. Super Dungeon Bros will support cross-platform multiplayer on Xbox One and Windows 10 – hopefully that means it'll be a universal purchase too!

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