Supposed leaked screenshots of Windows Phone 8 Apollo appear, show off Skype and Lenses

Is this Windows Phone 8? We think so...

With less than week before Microsoft is expected to show off Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco, some leaked (and terrible looking) screenshots have appeared on the site Nokia Innovation.

The shots supposedly show off integrated Skype, including an incoming video call as well as a data usage app. You may also note the mention of "RCSe" near the bottom which stands for "Rich communication suite", an important feature coming to WP8. The next screen shot shows the camera app with a new button. Nokia Innovation does not know what that lower button is but we can tell you that it's for the "Lenses" function, which will most likely be revealed next week.

In fact, the only reason we're giving these sceenshots some credibility is the fact that Lenses button is 100% accurate. The rest we cannot vouch for but it does jive with what we've learned and seen ourselves.

The data usage app (called "Data Smart" officially) was also confirmed by Joe Belfiore back in February in the leaked video for OEMs which detailed Apollo (yes, we've seen the video and can vouch for everything said in it). According to Nokia Innovation "the first bar shows how much data you have left, the second shows how many days remaining on your data plan, and it seems you can even adjust your data plan based  on the data report ". Such integration is part of the customization that carriers and OEMs/Microsoft will bring to Windows Phone 8 this fall.

This "data control" is a big focus in Windows Phone 8 which when combined with the data compression for web browsing will allow users to better monitor their data usage. In fact, data compression in IE10 should reduced data usage by up to 30% on top of speeding up browsing in general.

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Finally, what is supposedly Nokia Drive 3.0 is also shown with updated traffic report and re-routing. That's the standalone app though and not part of Windows Phone 8.

Source: Nokia Innovation

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why doesn't this excite me?
  • My guess is this: Windows Phone 8 looks just like Windows Phone 7.  The difference is the core is based off of Windows 8 (desktop) but there are a ton of other features coming that should excite you. There's a lot to announce and detail.
  • Well, hopefully, because this, frankly really does look as boring as WP7.
    With WP7's boring UI AND the lack of features compared to Android and iOS, WP8 better at least deliver parity or even overtake at least iOS in features.
  • You say WP's UI is boring? Then what would you say about Android and iOS?
  • i call iOS and Android knockoffs of the original palm UI, with different icons and some additional features. 
  • I want some of whatever you've been smoking. Trollololol
  • If wp7/8 seems boring, Your always free to be a follower rather than a leader...
    Id rather take usability over style any day, although n800/900, are beautifully sexy.. Wp7/8 may not be you're cup of teas, but its right for most.
  • There are different types of people in the world. You seem to be more left brain than right. There should be a balance between the two to get the most customers. Plus, the current WP7 interface could be improved upon as far as both looks and functionality are concerned. Having two rows of squares is one big reason why people aren't switching over more quickly.
  • So you're sold on the static but colorful icons, has-been and gimmicky UIs, and the "follow the crowd" mentality of most iPhone and Android users. You obtuse piece of flotsam.
  • I have never owned an iPhone nor an Android... so what does that tell you?  It's a phone interface.  Calm yourself before you fall down and hurt yourself.
  • LoL you must be some idiot who is blind. Windows phone UI is best looking than junk iPhone or laggy android. Why is it that co founder of Apple Steven Wozniak who purchased a lumia 900 windows phone said this is most beautiful UI and would rather pick Windows phone UI over android. Tell me that? Since window phone 7 lauched I never have gotten bored of UI. It always been a great seeing live tiles app and beautiful how metro looks. Looking at apple and android UI is just plain UGLY and dead boring just like there apps that just sits there Dead and look at the cluttered UI when you fill up full of apps. I dont know how you can say windows phone looks Ugly? You must be some old fashion or old person lol.... Best part is when other people says Wow at the beautiful UI.
  • Yea, WP7 has such a great UI, no one wants it.
    WP7 has a terrible UI, you must be the blind one not to see it, the rest of the world sees it and does not want it.
    WP8 has to deliver something better.
  • I'd like to see your research because everything that I've read is that the UI is seen as a strong point of WP7.  Everyone else, but you, thinks the lacking adoption rate has more to do with the app ecosystem's perceived weakness. WP8 doesn't have to or need to drastically change the UI.  If you like the static-icon based look, there is the iPhone option.  It seems that you have a PREFERENCE, not a study on what the "rest of the world" sees and wants. Most people I show my phone too have nothing but positive things to say about the interface and how the phone "looks" in general. 
  • I like the Windows Phone UI and the integrations. But I wish some basic features could be added. The OS feels too restricted and missing basic features. You can't share over bluetooth, doesn't have a file browser, can't transfer files from computer other than media files (e.g. zipped files, pdf files etc.). A phone to be called a smart phone must fulfil few expectations, otherwise it ends up being a media device. I wish windows could add few must have features to this OS so that it could be called "Smartphone".
  • i'm so glad it remains looking just like WP7!
    as much as i like W8 (have had all 3 previews to date on various PCs and a tablet), for a phone, I think the WP7 UI is second to none.
    to be honest, i was getting worried there might be a major UI overhaul, glad to hear that might not be the case.
  • I second that. My thoughts exactly.
  • Plus this doesn't say anything we didn't know from day one with Skype being built in so that's also one reason why we just have to wait until next week that's all
  • Call me old fashioned but I am excited about some of the features mentioned just give me more integration with products like Skype and Lync and better and improved data usage and I am excited.
  • I agree 110% with you in this point.
  • Yup, Skype integration plus let me keep my wifi on during standby and I'll be happy.
  • It would be nice to be able to resize the live tiles and get previews of messages on the front of each tile:)
  • I honestly think the lack of customization turns people off. My girlfriend for example, really wishes she could add backgrounds to the UI. People want color. Although the UI looks nice and clean, people want colors. Wouldn't it be nice to have more options than black and white?
  • You can change the picture...the lock screen and the Picture Tile.  On WinPhone you can change your tile colors, you can't do that on the iPhone...You would not say it is a valid complaint for people to  say they won't buy an iPhone because their phone button is green....
  • Besides the terrible quality of the 'screenshots' it looks very plausible
  • Although, the marketplace icon uses the current windows logo, not the newer Metro one. My guess is this isn't the final look.
  • I'm hoping in windows phone 8, there will be some customizing options.
  • I wouldn't expect that - there is none such options in Windows 8 after all!
  • Yah, at least have different color options like win 8, and tile colors. Lol
  • I kinda hope that they would have made it look like the interface on the Zune HD. If this is true, this would be quite underwhelming to say the least. None of the newly provided features are innovative at all.
  • Dude com down this isn't even anything its just a screenshot with Skype didn't MSFT say Skype was going to be build in to Apollo? And the other is a Nokia app ... U can't judge the whole OS on those two screen shot just chill.and wait -_-
  • LoL not true I gotten many friends who love wp UI. Maybe ask co founder Steven Wozniak who purchased lumia 900 and said this is most beautiful UI than any smartphone. Coming from his saying I don't he is that dumb say that. At least he more honest of his opinion. So yes windows UI wins.
  • Seems about right.
  • This is incorrect look I bet you main metro tiles will be different and only thing that is correct is Skype integrations. For me can't wait for windows phone 8. Since using windows 8 desktop it's fast and fluid.
  • "I bet you main metro tiles will be different"
    Not really though there will be more...options...for developers.
  • Good. The tiles works excellent as they are. May i guess that part of the "options" is the possibility for 3rd party developers to use wide tiles - just like in Windows 8?
  • Folders (user hubs) and double-wide tiles :)
    I want to be able to pin a tile to ANY setting - especially brightness.
  • I hope that one of those options is the ability to have 1 tile the size of two not a necessity at all but I would like to have that bigger tile for my important apps like weather and WP central! :D
  • WP's current award-winning look is fine as it is. There's no need to make a colorful mess out of it as seen in Win8. MS can and will add new features to WP without breaking its aesthetic design.
  • Yeah Windows 8 looks great yet with lots of bugs. I hope that they all go away in the final build.
  • Um, on the data thing, that better not be a true leak of the Start screen. It needs more colors, like Win8.
  • I fell asleep watching apple conference :-D due to apple copycat other windows phone features. So I have feeling Microsoft conference next week going tol be way better than boring Apple
  • Fake, home screen is different in WP8
  • I'm going to guess you haven't actually seen WP8 then.
  • Gotta disagree Daniel, I bet that leak is not the true new Start screen.
  • I wouldn't disagree with Daniel Rubino... Just saying, i don't think you know who he is, and i would take what he says as 100% accurate.
  • And I am goin to going to guess that all you saw was a .pdf that talks about Neon? RTM start will not looks like the one in the screenshots
  • I have no idea what "Neon" is nor any PDF. What I have is way more than that and very recent.
  • You are just making us mad with your teasing - :-)
  • Trying hard to not make MS mad for next week, lol
  • We only want to know one thing. 
    We all know WP8 will have tons of features. But the question we all want to know if there is a little bit more UI customization like Win8. Thats the only thing you have to answer :P
  • Insideris has never reported an accurate rumor. I have those docs. No mention of "neon" anywhere, sorry. Insideris has no credibility. Just because they "write stuff on the internet" doesn't make them a valid news source. Once they establish a track record, we can talk. Anonymous tipsters who cannot be vouched for do not make a story true.
  • What about other points? Are those also made up?
  • Basically, yes, that stuff is made up/not accurate.
  • You will have to post that .pdf so we can confirm :P
  • There is no .pdf that I'm aware of and as far as confirming, everything and more will probably be confirmed next week ;-)
  • Just tell us about that customization. Purease Rubino san.
  • May I ask when you received first sneak peak at the features (minus leaked ones).
    I ask because since you got it, I assume guys at aapl and goog saw it already as well, so just wondering whether they had time to copy anything
  • Lol darn ur teasing Daniel :P
  • Daniel
    On a side note, do you play Diablo? If you do I can pledge you all my godly stuff for you to buy at the auction house!! Just..just stop the teasing and throw us some more fodder. Please!!:(
  • Too bad it doesn't run on current hardware and the Lumia 900 will only get a feature update for WP7... :(
  • Care to enlighten us of why you're so sure about this?
  • Because MS Germany indirectly confirmed that when being asked by a German magazine. Plus the magazine has two independent sources. One within MS, one within Nokia. Both sources confirmed that old devices (including all Lumias) won't get a update to WP8 but will get a so called feature update that will contain some of the new WP8 features. A MS manager is being quoted there with the words: 'you can call the feature update WP7.6 or 7.7. It is our opinion that people don't care what OS number their smartphone has as long as the features are the same.'
  • I don't know if any of what you're saying is true, because if it was, we should already be hearing about or seeing prototype wp8 devices since the the release is slated for October. That is not nearly enough time to manufacture the quantities of new hardware needed for launch if current 2nd Gen hardware is not upgradeable in my opinion.
  • Wow this is breaking news! You sir, seem to have a real scope on your hand. Now it's only the little matter of a link to the facts... ;-)
  • Sure: and
  • Nope not believing it till next week, go somewhere.
  • Well, I don't see a problem with that. This is how Apple is doing it. If this means I get features from W8 and my phone stays snappy, I couldn't care less.
  • said to say but I'm pretty sure windows phone 8 will most like look like windows phone 7
  • And honestly, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Under the hood sometimes matters more.
  • Well, I consider this a bad thing because people I know, friends coworkers etc, are not impressed by the current design. The word 'boring' dropped more than once. 2% market share must have reason and from my opinion its not only the apps count but also the esthetics. Just a couple of different (ugly) colors doesn't make the phone individual enough.
  • Sure because we all know the general population has great taste in design! That UI is not meant for everyone, as a web designer with a background in graphic design, I love that UI, it has deep roots in graphic design history but it is not for everyone, and to me it's a good thing.
  • 2% market share yes, but steadily growing. And it's growing for a reason. The UI works... It is way quicker and easier to do so many things than it is on Android.
    That's a practical perspective.
    From a personal, subjective perspective, give me the clean lines and colours of WP over the adolescent-techie-designed-a-phone approach of android any day.
  • 2% Marketshare, which is actually over 3% now, isn't due to app count and aesthetics. Is that part of it? Sure. But, the major reason for WP's slow ascent is consumer awareness. People just don't know about the phone. Very little advertsing has gone into it until recently with Nokia and AT&T. The "Really" campaign failed because most people didn't even realize those ads were for a phone. They never showed what the phone could actually do. But, if what MS and its OEMs and the carriers are saying is true, then there will be a huge ad push behind WP8 come later this year.
  • iOS just announced its 6th iteration of the OS and its never changed its UI, which I find inferior to WP7's. Android has changed theirs a bit over the years but it's still a copy of iOS with more options and customization. Of which all those features have caused Android to hog battery, crash often and become fragmented beyond belief. WP7 is still growing, and people who have never actually used it before are impressed when I show them what it can do.
  • LoL not true I gotten many friends who love wp UI. Maybe ask co founder Steven Wozniak who purchased lumia 900 and said this is most beautiful UI than any smartphone. Coming from his saying I don't he is that dumb say that. At least he more honest of his opinion. So yes windows UI wins.
  • Kind of expected though. They just launced all of the Tango phones and I'm sure they weren't going to make major interface changes to them just a few months after launch. Windows Phone 8 is for all current and low end phones.
    I'm more interested in Windows Phone RT.
  • Soo.. No background colour themes like windows 8? No changing the wallpaper even? Itd be plausible if they selected image was darkened to a certain degree. If the OS continues to just be black I don't know how long it'll be until im bored of everything looking the same :/
  • Yeah because wallpapers behind the tiles would look great, right?
  • Done correctly... Yes, it could. Have you not been in the Zune app?
  • If this is WP8, i don't know why the current devices as the Lumia should not ne able to get the update... I'm convinced that we will have WP8
  • The problem here is about performance and compatibility of the kernel to the used CPU. It is most likely that Windows Phone 8 will be based on the Windows RT (not Windows 8!) kernel. This is the "true" Windows kernel from the NT family built for ARM CPUs. The current kernel is Windows Compact Embedded 6 R2, which doesn't support multi-cores. *If* current Windows Phones can upgrade to the new kernel, the question would be why Microsoft hasn't used the NT kernel for Windows Phone 7 from the first day?
    There seem to be many reasons why Windows NT kernel doesn't run nice on current single-core ARM hardware. Even with many improvements and tweaks to the new kernel version, I doubt that it can run on current hardware as smooth as the current kernel. And updating the kernel on current hardware doesn't solve any issues.
    My opinion: the rumored "Neon" version may be Windows Phone 7.6 with many features from WP8 and Apollo is the real new thing with multi-core support and for higher resolution screens. Most interesting question is if current phones can run the new WinRT/HTML5 apps?
  • Current WP7 devices are capable of running Windows 8.  I imagine Windows CE was used instead of the NT Kernal due to time.  WP7 launched in 2010, so they needed a mobile friendly OS that they could reskin -- Windows CE.  Microsoft has already shown Windows 7 running on hardware older/weaker than the Samsung Focus.
    In addition they have shown Windows 8 running on Single Core ARM processors last year. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 will support ARM chips addition to Intel and AMD processors. Three different ARM devices were demoed at Computex 2011 with Windows 8 running on ARM chips. The three ARM devices were a single-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, a dual-core TI OMAP 4430 and a quad-core NVIDIA Kal-El notebook.  
  • I cannot imagine that the Lumia 900 will not get real WP8, but rather WP7.7.  That would kill all sales of Lumia 900 as everyone would say "Just wait for WP8" this fall. 
    I cannot imagine Nokia would be happy about this either and it sounds like a pain in the butt for developers trying to target WP7.7 and WP8.
    I also think Microsoft has realized what Apple has known for a while -- they are selling a platform, not a device. It is an ecosystem not a device. They need to treat the phones like the Xbox 360 -- not like an old PC.
    Microsoft with Windows 8, WP7, and Xbox 360 makes a lot of money after the sale of the OS thanks to the App stores. They need to keep customers happy and keep them part of the Microsoft ecosystem. Punishing early adopters would not be a good way to build that faith -- Word of Mouth is huge.
    I have sold/recommended 20 WP7.5 devices -- I would be crushed to see these people who bought Titans, Lumia 900s, etc... not get WP8. I don't expect full feature WP8 on these devices (they would obviously be missing NFC, dual core, etc...), but they should get the OS so they can get all of the "basic" features brought in WP8.
  • Because MS wants that the Lumias sell more they are releasing this so called feature update. As the MS manager said: people don't care what number there OS has as long as the phone has the same features. That way MS can always market the Lumia like it has the same experience like the upcoming WP8 devices.
  • Microsoft has had a hard time getting sales people to support Windows Phone.  Once word gets to these salesmen that Lumia 900 is not getting true Windows Phone 8 -- they will stop promoting it.  They can advertise all they want, but if the person goes to the store and the sales person says the Lumia sucks -- they probably won't buy it.  I do not think the Lumia 900 needs all the new features -- just like iPhone 4 got iOS 5, but didn't have all the features of the 4s, it still needs WP8, like the 4 got iOS 5.
  • Windows 8 app contracts and start screen semantic zoom please! Anything else is a bonus.
  • What are these images "terrible looking?"
  • Small, blurry and their ratio was off?
  • Yes, thats what i wanted to say too :) the live tiles seem to be streched
  • The data compression thing worries me. I really don't like any compression servers that monitor and fiddle with every webpage I access on my device. I hope it will be possible to turn this off completely. I know that carriers are getting nervous about the amount of data users transfer but forced compression would be very annoying and (for me) a reason to look somewhere else.
  • Don't expect everyone else not to follow the same path. Symbian (or Anna, or Susan or whatever it's called this week), Blackberry, Amazon (with the Kindle) and, I think, Bada, they all do it and as emerging markets become a serious concern for OS makers, it's natural that even iOS and the main flavors of Android start doing the same.
  • Then don't use it. Simple, and Android ICS has something similar already
  • I currently own a HTC one S and will trade it in as soon as i see a great WP8 device on the market. my dream phone? HTC one X body with a 4-4.3inch 720p Super AMOLED display non pentile. 12mp camera with pureview and added instagram like effects. Google maps NAV which is currently by far the best on the market. At least a s4 processor, running wp8. and instead of White a nice deep crimson or navy blue color. when that comes out I will switch. 
  • That day is probably just a few months away!
  • What is Lenses? That's ot Nokia's augmented reality, is it?
  • I don't want to ruin it for MS but it's not a Nokia thing.
  • I hope Lenses is not some cheap effects option like Instagram.
  • It's what ever you want it to be.
  • A Unicorn?
  • it a pony?
  • I suspect it's an API for third-party developers to add funtions to the Camera app.
    Disclaimer: I know nothing.
  • I personally *am* excited to see this. I'm glad to see that MS is not losing sight of making WP8's core communication capabilities better...after all, a phone is a communication device, first and foremost, and on top of that, it appears MS is expanding the notion of how we communicate. So, while Skype and RCSe integration is not as sexy news as a new skin or other aesthetic improvements, for me it seems to be the most important step forward, not just for MS, but mobile in general.
    It's also nice to see how the "people first" organization philosophy is coming into play, as it is a natural fit for seemlessly combining multiple forms of communication modes for a given contact, whereas other mobile platforms probably will struggle doing the same thing elegantly, because their infrastructure was not designed with that in mind (at least, not to the extent of WP). So, I think this could put WP8 at a big advantage.
  • Looks as boring as WP7.
    What about some colour, wallpapers? Can tiles have different colours at least?
    iOS 6 announcement was super boring, but if WP8 does not really deliver and impress, it'll be irrelevant, like WP7.
    Skype integration and data management is great and a welcome addition but besides that MS has to add a LOT of features the OS is missing or needs.
    Text Selection needs improvement, Cut, Copy/Paste - Bigger selection handles, magnifying glass, individual letter selection
    Custom call, msg, email ringtones
    Orientation lock
    Screenshot taking ability
    Notifications menu
    Remember tile and app list position when returning to it, don't always start from the beginning(top)
    Music player equalizers
    Music player seeking/scrubbing
    Wallpaper support on the homescreen
    Bluetooth/Wi-Fi direct transfers
    Sideloading apps - i.e. download app packages from the Zune store that we can save and install offline later, like with iTunes/iPhone.
  • Troll
  • He's not a troll, all those are good ideas, and all of them can easily be implemented into the OS if MS decided.
  • True back UPS so when I get a new phone I don't have to enter in passwords for many apps, keep game saves, we all know the pain...
  • I am happy that it appears the UI is remaining pretty much the same. I like the current UI. That's why I came to WP7.
  • Agreed
  • Nope
  • Same here.
  • Also, what's with all the ios fan praise in these comments?
  • They're mad because their OS sucks
  • Data Usage screenshot from Oct 2011. Start screenshot not from a Nokia; not sure if it was reported to be or not. The Marketplace icon is incorrect to be from a Nokia; least an up-to-date one. also, wasn't there a leaked screenshot of bolder title text? don't see that in any of the screenshots here. also, the app tray's coloring for the Data Usage is off. just my thoughts...
  • Alot of carriers will disable Skype I'd imagine. I know i can't use it on a Vodafone UK payg sim.
  • @daniel_rubino stop feeding the trolls! :) Thanks for the look ahead ... now, what is Verizon giving us?
  • Please keep feeding the trolls. It does make for a good morning read. And the way he is skirting the questions makes us think what he isn't telling us is clearly worth the wait.
  • Nothing yet, just email our company rep who looked into this and all she could tell me was 3rd quarter of this year
  • Hope this is not the real deal. Can't even notice any difference in comparison with WP7.
  • If the screen shots are true, then wp8 is going to be awesome! I find the UI refreshing and minimal. Also, it has a data counter! I'm really excited over this feature alone.
  • My Att is actually a great app. Only missing a live tile... Baked in is the idea though.
  • I only hope...
  • i prefer wp8 concept design on neowin, so cool
  • i got curious so i looked it up if this it( it a out there but looks kind of cool i dont see microsoft  making smaller tiles or custom wallpapers as the background  
  • I don't understand the people complaining that the UI is the same. There is no way MS would make any drastic changes. I, for one, am glad it stayed the same. Windows 8 is nice, but not on the phone
  • Im guessing the Lenses option in the camera will produce software effects to try and replicate features such as ultra wide angle, fisheye, narrow depth of field etc.
    Daniel, if the WP8 unveiling is next week are they likely to announce a release date for WP8 and when the new hardwear is likely to be available. Im due an upgrade end of August and wont be jumping onto the Nokia bandwagon till I know.
  • @Daniel,
    thanks for all but confirming there are no UI/UX changes coming. This is not terribly suprising, given how new the whole OS still is and that the UI/UX works well and is - IMHO - beautiful as it is. Still, given that it seems to be such a highly requested "feature", one would have hoped at least the option to the user to e.g. change the tiles color scheme to resemble that of W8 (i.e. multiple colors). But given that you confirm that developers will have a lot more freedom with tile content from now on, that should provide a  fair  bit of "fresh" look to the home screen once they start taking advantage of it.
    Adding some of the gestures found in W8 could potentially also have been good, to promote even more familiarity and similarity between the "three screens", but I do realise the limiations of the phone environment. Still, at least swipe down to close/exit apps could have worked,  assuming they would have changed the access to the signal/battery bar to e.g. tapping of the volume rocker.
    One thing I REALLY do hope they address is the functioning of the back button.. its somewhat confusing to me at times. It may be just me though. :D
    Anyway 1) adding more features is way more important that potentially messing up a well functioning UI 2) can't wait for the 20th!!
  • I have seen that exact start screen before, the pictures on the live tiles are very familiar and also the marketplace still has the old windows logo. This is obviously fake. Attention
  • slol
  • +1
  • Actually I do not uderstand. The ui wull remain the same or not?
  • So if I understand this correctly, Daniel has seen WP8 and confirms no UI changes? That sucks. A little customization would've been nice.
  • Will someone explain to me please, if there are no ui changes how is it that some wp might not get updates? I mean in terms of hardware i understand but with software shouldn't  there only be limitations on what the hardware cannot handle?
  • It's explained further up in the comments. Current hardware may or may not be able to handle the kernal change.
  • The thing I'm really looking forward to is the data counter. It's something I really miss from Android. I only have 300mb a month so I need to be wary of my usage. I also won't mind data compression (read last sentence). One thing I hope they do is let the wifi stay on even when the phone is asleep plus more notifications in the lockscreen like FB/Twitter notifications and 3rd party IM apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. I honestly have no problem if the design stays the same.
  • What? don't tell me this is Windows 8, where are the custom start screen wallpapers and ability to customize the color of the tiles and accents? If all Micrsoft did was pull the same stunt as Apple did with a few minor updates and apps then there is no wonder people don't get excited when they see this.
  • WP8 is a MAMMOTH update in all respects. It is bigger than any WP7, iOS, or Android updates ever were.
  • Including ui/ux? And you would know this how?
  • The only reason I give these screens credence (besides Malatesta all but confirming them) is that the UI hasn't changed much. Any other render that's rumored to be WP8 is too drastically different, busy or amateur. I'd believe these pics before any others. And a minimal UI change is fine with me.
  • I really hope WP8 look like WP7, since that's one of main reasons I got one (two, actually).
  • Is it killing you Daniel to not be able to openly talk about what you know??  It's killing me:)
  • If what you are saying is that you, like Daniel, also know what's coming in WP8 and its killing you not to talk about it--my advice, resist the urge to spill the beans, resist with all your might. NDAs, ethics, and inter company relationships are way more important than being able to bask in the glow when spilling closely guarded information. On June 20th, you'll still be able to claim that you knew the details all along, and you'll feel proud of yourself that you acted professionally and ethically and kept the trust others placed in you. I know this first hand, been in those situations many times. To you and Daniel and all the many others who obviously already know more than everyone else, hang it there, just another week or so.
  • looking at the bright side of the UI being the same, but more "options" for developers as said by Daniel, meaning apps like "Wiztiles" will have more freedom to skin the tiles and more...meaning we can have it our way and make awesome i correct on this?
  • That is not the WP8 UI. The marketplace app has the old windows logo, this is fake. It's an old screen.
  • As a developer, it will be great to have more access and more api's to play with. I personally am not too concerned with, and hope they dont change the UI. I like it. Its distinct. I'm mostly concerned with the development language choices. I've been to 3 win 8 conferences, 1 strictly for developers and 1 for the VIP conference 2 weeks ago in Redmond. since I'm under NDA, I can't talk about what they said exactly, but at all of them, no one, the MS employees and panel members, could/would tell me what languages I would be developing in for WP8. They did all tell me to learn html5 though for W8. I understand the need for secrecy and am not upset in any way, but I feel like I am loosing time developing because I still don't have concrete knowledge of where I should be focusing my time. What would be nice is if they would build in the ability into visual studio to choose to compile to WP7, WP8, iOS, Android, and Win8. That would drive the devs to start supporting the ms ecosystem. Write the app 1 time and support a wider customer base. A win win all around. Either way, 7 days to go till we finally get some concrete answers.
  • Can't wait till next week
  • Here's what's needed:
    •A little bit more customization.
    •Native API (C# sucks) so we can get some cool apps and games.
    •In built PDF reader(Adobe's app is slow and frustrating to use)
    •Some powerful "metro-ish" way of displaying notifications.
    •Hardware support for dual core and better screen resolutions.
    •Other exclusive never before seen features that do not exist on any other platform. I hope the native SDK allows full C++ programming. Enough of crappy C#. Nothing beats C++. Only lazy programmers worship C#. I don't understand how MS has forgotten and neglected C++ programmers.
  • "I hope the native SDK allows full C++ programming."
  • Lol. I meant write code completely in C++. Even in iOS you need to use objective C for the UI.
  • Will Skype, MSN and Facebook be cross-integrated with each other...i.e. being able to video chat with a person on FB or MSN? While integrating Skype on its own is excellent, it'd be absolutely amazing to have direct access to most of your contacts on Skype (provided you use FB) as opposed to adding them individually. Any improvements on PDF reading? Acrobat Reader on WP7 is horrible, are they going to improve on this, drastically? Unfortunately MS dropped Reader (which on PCs and tablets makes sense since Acrobat will be strong on such platforms), but phones...? Any word on actual Google support for YouTube (and the others, I guess...)?
  • Pure garbage fake photos. However, I'm excited to see the new Windows 8!
  • NO ! I want that windows 8 feel to it
  • windows phone in market place is old 
    it is fake!!!
  • I think this is the feature update to the currenet WP7.5 devices rumored to be Windows Phone 8. I dont think this has anything to do with Windows Phone RT which is supposed to mimic the Windows 8 RT
  • If wp8 looks like this.. Im 100% positive in getting the upgrade on my l900.. I can't wait..
  • If this is what it looks like all phones better get the upgrade.
  • Calm down guys! This is absolutely fake!
    Just compare the startscreen with this picture showcasing the lumia 900:
    The SAME picture, but without the Data Smart tile! WTF? I knew I have seen that startscreen before!
  • Yeah, I've been trying to tell these guys the same thing, but my post got drowned I guess. I knew I had seen those pictures on the tiles before, and also it's the old windows logo on the marketplace app. Thanks for the link that proved it.
  • Well, I'm telling you that at least one of the photos is 100% legit.
  • I don't think that's the new Start Screen and here's why:  The tile colour looks like the Nokia blue.  If so, and if that really is a WP8 start screen, then why doesn't the Marketplace tile have the new "N" on it that Nokia has put on their phones? 
    That's why I don't think that's the WP8 start screen.
  • Just look at my comment! (The one above yours...) and you´ll see why its not the same new old startscreen ;)
  • This is a good point forc3. Personally, I hope this is not real. While I love WP7 start screen I was hoping for a little more Win 8 in WP8. I guess we will just have to wait and see...
  • I absolutely love Win8, and I'm definitely hoping that WP will evolve alongside it. I can't see any reason why it should't, since that seems to be exactly what MS wants.
  • I'm totally ok with this. But I need more powerful multitasking just windows 8 and notification center.
  • Whilst Id be happy with this, Im on board with team fake. . .
  • Some of those are definitely real, sorry.
  • Just tell us what you know man :) this teasing thing i can't stand anymore :):)
  • I'd be disappointed if they continue to ignore Bluetooth file transfer :(
  • Hey Dan since its obvious u know something's bout windows phone 8 that you cant tell us i just have one question. Are there things we should get excited about coming wit Apollo? (:
  • I guess we'll have to just way n watch!