Surface Duo users report that the April update has caused lots of issues

Surface Duo Nov2020 Blackberry
Surface Duo Nov2020 Blackberry (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo's April update arrived on April 20.
  • Since then, users have been having issues with the Duo.
  • Problems include one screen randomly turning off, crashes, and more.

Much like how gamers have been unhappily reporting that Microsoft effectively nuked the Steam port of its very own Forza Horizon 4 via a recent patch, it seems another Microsoft product is now in a worse state post-update. This time around it's the Surface Duo, which has been reported to have more issues after its April 2021 update than it had before it.

Over on Reddit, /u/13104598210 started a thread entitled "Is anyone else having more bugs and glitches lately?" wherein they discussed problems they've been encountering with their Surface Duo over the past few days. The Redditor cited issues including:

  • when folded for the purpose of using just one screen, both stay active
  • one screen stays black in book mode
  • constant camera crashing

Dozens of comments on the thread cite similar headaches, ranging from the aforementioned screen issues to crashing, and even other items such as touch sensitivity problems.

As with any thread where users mention serious issues with a device, there are a few commenters who have reported that they're not experiencing these problems. Still, for the many who are suffering from stability and performance issues, the situation seems serious. Multiple people in the thread are citing this update in particular as the tipping point for them to justify abandoning the Surface Duo altogether.

Windows Central's very own Executive Editor Daniel Rubino and Senior Editor Zac Bowden have both experienced the bug where one Surface Duo screen stays black, so the April update's problems seem widespread. With any luck, a future patch will clean up these issues.

Robert Carnevale

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