In a new survey conducted by Millennial Media of 500 publishers, developers and advertisers, nearly 20% are planning to focus their work on Windows Phone 7 in the next year. The iPhone garners 30% interest right now but Android is expected to close in that gap by hitting 29% next year.

To put into perspective, Windows Phone 7 achieving 20% interest seems to be a definitive sign that developers and publishers are taking it seriously, that they have confidence in the platform and that Microsoft is really throwing some weight behind it.

We've already seen the app store hit 1,000 apps within the first three weeks, the Marketplace have 12,000 registered developers and quite a long list of major brands already available, all before the U.S. launch. While this survey has no guarantee for 100% accuracy in predicting the future, we're sure more happy than not at the results.

Source: Millennial Media; via: GigaOM