T-Mobile prepping for a 4G Windows Phone?

Check that image out. What you are looking at are "display stickers" that T-Mobile stores receive for in-store promotions. And those stickers above clearly show Windows Phone 7 and 4G.

But perhaps it's a mistake? Ah, but s second image shows just the regular Windows Phone logo. The 4G one seems in contrast to the regular one, strongly suggesting that this isn't a mistake and indeed, T-Mo are prepping for a brand new, 4G Mango phone. Perhaps that HTC Bresson we heard about awhile back?

Exciting times, folks.

Source: T-Mo News; Thanks, Gerry!

Daniel Rubino

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  • It also shows that Android sticker get used, the WP7 ones not. :/
  • Please let it be for a Tmobile Nokia 4G device!!
  • But they're using the red square in Mango, not the green circle!Also, the 4G is actually a separate sticker. It could just be arranged like this for efficiency.Though, what do I care. 4G isn't coming to the UK until the end of 2012 at the earliest.
  • What T-Mobile US calls 4G - we here call 3G and already have it ;-)
  • I haven't seen any leaked specs with a 4G radio. All 3G.
  • We haven't seen any leaked specs with radios info period. But Mango does support 4G and Qualcomm 4g chips are a plenty.
  • We haven't seen specs of most Mango devices yet. **** we haven't seen most of Mango devices at all.
  • I assume it's accurate. Brandon Watson tweeted the following on July 21st - "I have to say, this 4G LTE wifi hotspot is just incredible." My guess would be he using a 4G LTE Windows Phone.
  • The wifi hotspot gives his phone a wifi connection from LTE. It doesn't mean he's using a Windows Phone or a phone at all.
  • I don't use T-Mobile, but bring it...
  • as a T-Mobile customer I am all for this! (love my DVP but, for the right phone I'd make the switch and then sell the DVP to a co-worker who is looking to make the switch from an Android phone to WP7 but is waiting for either a good deal or his end of contract).
  • I have a friend of mine that works for the T-Mobile where I purchased my HD7. I will give him a call and see what he knows.
  • Please oh please let this be the Galaxy S II WP7 Mango phone. I'm currently a T-mo subscriber but whatever company gets that phone is who gets my next contract. I'm almost out of contract and I want a Focus or Omnia 7 so bad I can taste it. I've just been holding off changing carriers to find out who gets the next one. Super AMOLED or better is a MUST HAVE. I never thought badly about my HD7 screen until I saw it up against the Focus. This OS was made for Super AMOLED.
  • i'm the only one that doesn't want a Nokia, ... I kind of like HTC designs a lot better, they have more style and curves.
  • HTC design's are hit an miss. THe HD7 severely lacks curves, it's so blocky. On the other hand, the Mozart is pure beauty. They should just make everything like the Mozart.Either way, HTC's screens and cameras are pretty weak.
  • @devGOD Lol how can you even compare Nokia to HTC?Nokia's hardware is FAR superior to anything HTC could dream up.
  • Funny no Nokia at the time could compare hTC HD2 to any nokia phones! Nokia is overrated. Though i would love to own one.
  • can't wait - off contract with TMO right now, waiting for a more powerful Mango phone to use my upgrade and hand off my Focus to my wife.