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T-Mobile reminds our BlackBerry Q10 we should have waited for the Lumia 925

Last night on our adorable BlackBerry Q10 for T-Mobile (don’t ask, we like to drink and dabble in technology), we received a text message that no doubt many T-Mobile users received: an advertisement for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 925.

The message was simple: “Where style lives, this phone rules. Get the sleek, new Nokia Lumia 925—only from T-Mobile.” followed by a pre-registration link.

Sure, you can’t have the phone now but we’re thinking it’s just a matter of weeks before the Magenta carrier unleashes Nokia’s thinnest and sleekest phone yet. While our Q10 was not really a long-term investment for us, it must sting a little if you just bought it or a Samsung GS4 and are now learning about the Lumia 925.

What do you think? Too aggressive by T-Mobile or just right? Let us know in comments.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I really wish there was a release date for this thing already. My girlfriend is about to jump ship to an iPhone.
  • I too would like a release date. I'd love to get this phone before August (heck, before July would be awesome!). If not, I may have to go with a Rogers 920.
  • Didn't Nokia say like middle July like July 15 sorry I forgot
  • I haven't come accross any information like that but that would work.
  • Middle June was the European launch date. I haven't heard anything about the US.
  • My wife had an Android with keyboard and loved it. I switched to ATT for the L920 and dragged her along and sadly got her the overpriced 8x. After learning the in and outs, she cannot live without that phone, even to the point calling it her boyfriend. It was missing the other day. And she loves the camera, commented on how great pics were. Point is, they won't like something until they get their hands on it. In your case, gotta keep her adrenaline pumped for that phone, otherwise you know what. Lolzz!
  • Ooh, she is naughty!
  • Lolzzz! I did get a little jealous.
  • Hahaha, priceless. Yes, the thing is right now she has a Radar (I convinced her to get that) but her mom really needs a phone so she was thinking of handing down her Radar and getting a new phone for her. She is an apple girl so it has taken a lot of work to even get to this point. She likes her Radar but at this point having an outdated OS and a Manufacturer that doesn't support the phone like Nokia does is hurting. She does complain about the lack of apps every now and then but I can sometimes find alternatives for her. One big miss is the lack of Entune from Toyota, which I think is ironic because I think Entune was developed with Microsoft's involvement but it has no WP app.
  • Yea about that Entune thing it is lame. I would love to see some Ford Sync love from Microsoft given how it runs on their OS as well.
  • Yeah...whats up with the entune. Damn make an app already. No love for Toyota customer if they own windows phone?
    Two words....diversity and discrimination. :D
  • has his seven-eighter tool. I updated my back-up Radar to 7.8. 8X is my love tho. But its nice to pick up my old girl and know her stats are almost on par with a L521. Tell me I'm lying!!
  • Yes, I did update her phone to 7.8 but that's still outdated by now. Specially considering that there are plenty of apps that are only comming out for WP8.
  • "even to the point calling it her boyfriend"
    that's funny!
  • My 8X is my B!tch!! I just love it!! Just the USB and phone jack hold are too small to "love" it.. :P
  • I don't mind the 8x at all but the price value ratio was very disappointing as compared to L920. Oh well, she has our love for WP. Guess that's all that matters.
  • Just right. Glad to see T-Mobile actually making an effort to promote Windows Phone for once.
  • Lol but atleast yu got mobile billing support :/
  • Not really, My father had one of those old flip Nokia phones. I have a L920 and I owned a Samsung Focus. I called At and T and told them, I'm a hapy customer, but I want to unlock this focus for my father. They gave me the code for free, no problems. Anyway he uses T-mobile and we  went to the store and this BITCH that helped, us, she didn;r know one thing about Windows phones, told my father, well you have a professional for the Windows phone to help you. I'm sorry it pissed me off, if they do a release of that new phone, good GAWD they better teach their employees about Windows phones. I have been really surprised at At and t how much and how they are now for Windows phones.
    I just thought it was hilarious that I-phone is ditching Google maps and going with Bing, Google is getting kicked in the Gnads all over the place. :)
  • I haven't looked back since dumping T-Nowhere in December, after being a 11-year subscriber.  They are the clown shoes of the mobile industry.  
    They can hump Windows Phone all they want and it won't matter.  They saw their last dime from me in this lifetime.
  • Great text message
  • Slow news day Daniel??
  • Yepp :/
  • Cant wait for gdr 2 and amber :p
  • Lol
  • I dunno, is it useless comment day from the usual suspects? Yup.
  • Just give us the update news and well play niceee :)
  • Haha.
    I enjoyed this newspost anyway. Humor.
  • :p
  • Oi don't be mean were just waiting for update news and u haven't done anything to maybe clear tht up for us :/
  • " it useless comment day from the usual suspects? Yup." Ahahaha!
  • Lol!
  • LMAO!
  • Don't worry that day comes all but 7 times a week.
  • And the points go to Mr. Daniel Rubino!
  • ...for being an arrogant a*hole to one of his readers. Yay!
  • I think T-Mobiles marketing strategy concerning WP is well worth making an article about...whether it be a "slow news day" as you call it or not.
  • idiot, check that esteemed reader's comment history, he is a well known troll on this website and is a genuine asshole!!
  • Please allow more UI customizations for WP blue Microsoft
  • How is this relevant mine was atleast a question are u a troller
  • Daniel any news on our updates O.O
  • Err... I'm all for pushing the 925, but what's the point of sending that text to someone who just bought the BlackBerry Q10??? :-/ Kinda doubtful that anyone who would buy it would be interested in a WP device.
  • Hahaha lol -.-
  • They may know someone who would be interested. Or it may piss them off and they tell people about it and it spreads the word anyway. :)
  • t-Mo us no contract now. Upgrade when you want
  • Because I think these messages aren't targeting specific phones. I believe they go out to everyone or certain groups by region, etc., but I may be wrong.
  • PUNK'D!! lol
  • That blackberry does not look like a good phone.
  • Stop being a d*#k and let ppl be happy with their decision. I'm an Xbox fanatic and still getting a ps4. #F#ckinFanboy
  • Hmmm yes whatever you say fanboy
  • Umm ok. Don't recal this article mentioning any gaming devices.
  • Umm don't recall asking u for your opinion either.
  • LOLZ was tht for me xD
  • No, the dude under you
  • LoL @ "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"
  • If you post your opinion in a public forum, you should expect people to give you their opinion as well.
  • You asked for his opinion when you posted a comment on a public forum. Idiot
  • No taking sides, but I believe he stated a fact.
  • I was hoping for door to door canvasing but this will work instead.
  • Lol
  • I am currently using the 920, I may jump ship since this is my fourth L920 and I hate the freaking 3G data limit especially I am paying $110 for one line.
  • I have 2 Lines for 170. I have 3g (7.x WP) and that stupid 2gb throttle is ridiculous, especially since they went "no limits/ unleashed".
  • Jump ship?
  • Dang, I don't pay that much even with 3GB of data.
  • Why 4?
  • $110 for one line? Jeez... Good idea to jump ship. My friend pays the same as you, but for three lines on T-Mobile's Simple Choice Value plan!
  • 4th L920!?... STOP EATIN IT!
  • $110 for one line?!!! Jump ship already. Paying about $120 for 3 lines with data. Dropping two of those lines would bring the price down to about $70-80.
  • Mamba, I use ±40gb a month with T-Mo. Yes, over 41,000mb, monthly!!!!! On one line. I pay about $100/mo.. I get 500mb to tether free too (MS updates/torrents only). I get every other file(s) I need to my 8X. Cannot go wrong. All at 5mbps on average
  • Q10 is so nice
  • Did this go to everyone?  Or just people who have had a Windows Phone on their account?
  • Ding ding, I think we have a winner! I bet that is exactly what happened.
  • Or, BB is just done. God test their souls
  • I hope ATT doesn't start spamming us every time a new phone comes out (unless it's a new Nokia WP8 with landscape slider, OIS, wireless charging, wireless sync, that rad camera from the EOS, and GDR2)...
  • Tmobile doesn't do that either, however I would like to stop the once in a while texts.
  • I think this is a nice push from t-mobile. Being that, this is their new flagship Windows Phone 8 :)
  • T-Mobile, always dragging up the rear with phones, updates, and customer satisfaction.
  • It's almost certain t-mobile will keep these texts coming; that is the benefit of uncarrier, right? Get a new phone every month...
  • Upgrade when you want. The rest of the world does it. I'm a Chevy guy, but on THIS, can't argue with German engineering!!
  • T-Mobile got it just right. Nokia nailed the Lumia 928 perfectly for Verizon. Announced then available within a week. And then they pull the same ole stunt again. Announce the stunning Lumia 925 then T-Mobile not only doesn't get it first but gets tagged with the "sometime later in the summer" line. The 928 launch gave so much hope.... Oh well, I guess the only thing not to complain about is that it's coming to T-Mobile baby!
  • Yeah, was really hoping TMoUS had finally learned their lesson on timing of announcement to availability. Maybe next time. [sigh]
  • I agree completely about the tmobile part, but the 928 only went to one carrier in the world, so its a little easier to control announcements
  • Just realized I meant to say Verizon got it just right...
  • Good point though. Wish they had done this with the 925 as well. I guess it's another lesson in patience. A lesson well learned with Microsoft and Windows Phone.
  • I think tmobile is just slow, I don't understand what the holdup is. So many other countries have either started preorders or at least given a release date (I think it even released in some). If I wasn't on contract with them, I would have switch by now (probably not because I hate att and I wont go cdma).
  • Oh at least you will have it in the middle of my country we will have it in October...:-(
  • T-Mobile does this once in awhile. My friend, on her Nexus 4, she received a message advertising the availability of the iPhone 5 on TMO.
  • I just switched from a lumia 920 to a GS4...The only thing that stings is having a phone that doesn't drain to 0% in 4 hours randomly.
  • All I need is a release date! Lets go! My money is ready!
  • Someone I know got the text message on their side kick so q10 isn't the only one
  • I made a serious effot playing the Q10, but just couldn't get into the UI. There are so much gestures, sliding from all four sides. Really confusing. I think Blackberry tried too hard and pushed out a very confusing product. 
    One thing though, the notification center is pretty good. 
  • I agree. Should have waited. For anything else really.
  • I know you guys are doing an excellent job with centrals sites for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WP without being bias.
    That's why I like your sites a lot :-)
    Thanks for it...
  • I don't think most users are going to care honestly.  If you bought a Blackberry, chances are that you are a Blackberry user who doesn't care about the latest Windows Phone offering.  The same goes for Android.
    I am a Windows Phone fan, but I don't think the world revolves around Windows Phone.  If users are willing to jump to another OS, then they are probably not tied that heavily to Windows Phone anyway.
  • Love my Lumia but I also think the Q10 is a great phone. I personally think BB10 & WP are superior in the OS. The major issue with both BB and WP is the lack of some apps with the full functionality that you get in iOS and Android
  • A QWERTY keyboard is so 2006. Gimme my Nokia Lumia 928 with Windows Phone 8's AWESOME on-screen keyboard anyday. BlackBerry Q10? Sad day...we barely knew ye...