T-Mobile has 'no plans' roll out Windows Phone 8.1 to devices older than Lumia 521 and 925

We've got some sad news for those of you rocking an older Windows Phone device on T-Mobile today: if you own anything other than a Lumia 521 or 925, you won't be seeing an update to Windows Phone 8.1.

Unfortunately, that means those of you wielding an HTC 8X are left out in the cold (though that's not entirely unexpected given its age). T-Mobile said the following in response to a question about the possibility of that very handset receiving the 8.1 update:

"Hi! We have no plans to release a Windows Phone 8.1 update on devices other than the Lumia 521 and Lumia 925 at this time. *CF"

This is pretty unfortunate news for those of you with older devices on T-Mobile's network. However, what's even more disconcerting is that this makes the possibility of an update to Windows 10 uncertain at best.

Updated: Corrected mentions of "older" to "other" as per the tweet. My brain now knows those are not the same word.

Thanks for the heads-up M. Monzon!

Source: T-Mobile (Twitter); Via PCWorld