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Halo Waypoint

A common complaint among most of you is that Microsoft sometimes appears to be lacking dedication to its own platform. When a Microsoft owned property, like Skype, gets a feature on iOS before Windows Phone it’s hard to argue. Apps like Photosynth took months after Windows Phone 8 launched to come to the Store. So when Microsoft launches a new game Halo game you’d expect something to happen with the Halo Waypoint app right? That didn’t exactly happen last year, but the app was updated updated this week. Let’s see what’s new.

So Microsoft Studios updates the Halo Waypoint app. An app that hasn’t seen any love or attention since Halo 4 launched. The latest update (version 1.7) finally includes “stats” for Halo 4.

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For those yearning for the big v1.3 update to the Halo Waypoint app, your wait is over. As reported the other day, Microsoft delivered on the 10th as promised. Here's quick refresh on the addition of ATLAS:

"Halo ATLAS uses maps (sponsored by Brady Games) to provide valuable multiplayer data to Halo Reach and Anniversary players. When we say Halo Anniversary players, we really mean Reach players because the non-campaign Anniversary multiplayer simply piggybacks off of Reach.

The connectivity with Reach is possible because during multiplayer games, Reach constantly sends out packets of data called heartbeats that contain gameplay status. Halo ATLAS provides a bunch of that information in near-real-time to smartphone users."

Pretty huge deal and probably the second most anticipated update this week (Xbox Companion being number one, of course).  Read the rest of our detailed post for all the changes or just head here to the Marketplace to get the update/new version.

Thanks, Aaron J., for the tip!

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To celebrate this week’s release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the mobile Halo Waypoint app has received a significant update. Waypoint is now one of the sleekest-looking Windows Phone apps around thanks to a complete visual overhaul. Mango features include Fast App Switching and the ability to pin specific pages to the start screen. I also love that you can listen to podcasts and even watch episodes of Red vs. Blue from directly within the app. Both audio and video playback utilize a unique interface that keeps them feeling like a part of the app instead of just weblinks. Finally, Custom Challenges are a-go.

The only feature that doesn’t seem to have made it past the finish line yet is the ATLAS map system. ATLAS promises to connect with the Xbox 360 version of Halo Reach (and Anniversary) and provide real-time maps of multiplayer games. ATLAS should hopefully arrive with the next Waypoint update.

Halo Waypoint becomes more useful with each update. While it won’t quite become indispensible until ATLAS joins the party, it’s still a great free download for any serious Halo fan. Grab it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to The WeeBear and Mosammey for the tip!

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The Halo Waypoint app is a useful way for gamers to check on their accomplishments in the Halo Xbox 360 games while on the go. But the mobile version of Waypoint lacks a few of the Xbox 360 version’s features, such as viewing campaign progress. That will change this fall, when 343 Studios overhauls all three versions of the Waypoint (Xbox 360, WP7, and PC) to more closely match each other in looks and features. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Halo Waypoint will soon gain the ability to create custom challenges in Halo Reach. The game already features daily and weekly challenges, but now players will be able to make their own (such as scoring a certain number of head shots or grenade kills in specific maps) and share them with friends. Sure, that feature could have just been patched directly into Reach, but including it in Waypoint will encourage more players to check out the Halo-themed portal.

Head past the jump to learn about the Halo ATLAS app and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.

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Halo: Nation coming to WP7?

Halo has been previously reported to be coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform, especially around the list of planned releases last year prior release of the OS. At CES, which we were able to cover, Steve Ballmer presented and discussed a number of games coming to the mobile platform. Among these were Fable: Coin Golf and PES 2011 along with many already-confirmed titles, but there was one mention that caught some attention – Halo: Nation.

For any Halo fan, this could mean two things. First (and hopefully correct) there could be a potential Halo title arriving to Xbox Live on WP7 named Halo: Nation. What’s exciting about this prospect is what genre it could be: FPS (probably unlikely), RTS (Halo: Wars on-the-go anyone?) or even a racing alternative (Rocket Race game type on Halo: Reach?). The system and available resources from the devices that run WP7 have enough power to provide the foundations of a truly epic game from Bungie.

A second scenario could be the Halo: Nation podcast is making an appearance on Waypoint that is already available in the Marketplace, and could in-fact not be the extension to the franchise that many of us are hoping for. Although Ballmer was reportedly "confused” with the projects he was discussing, Halo: Nation is noted as being developed separately from Waypoint but a Halo title coming to WP7 is all continued (hopeful) speculation.

Could Halo: Nation be the WP7 title that us Master Chief fans have been waiting for? Or did Ballmer just get the name wrong?

Source: Electronic Theatre

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