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Windows Phone App Review: BoxShot

BoxShot, if you haven't guessed already by the name, is a Dropbox client for Windows Phone, which can be found on the Marketplace for just 79p ($0.99) with a free version also available. Should you be a frequent "boxer" then this app will be perfect for your file synchronising needs. It's a simple, light app that gets the job done.

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Windows Phone App Review: Timelapse Pro

Found a nice time lapse photography app for your Windows Phone the other day. Timelapse Pro is available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace for a steal of a price ($.99).

What makes Timelapse Pro a really nice photography app for your Windows Phone is the settings menu (more on this in a second). In a nutshell, Timelapse Pro takes control over your camera and captures an image at pre-determined intervals. The photos are then compiled into a video for some neat time lapse images.

Timelapse Pro's interface is fairly simple. You have one page to work from with a three dot menu that pulls up options to access the settings, read some tips/tricks, and view the About screen.

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Windows Phone App Review: Pano

Second generation HTC Windows Phone (Titan and Radar) owners have a panoramic setting in their camera app to let them stitch together three images to create a wide, panoramic image. But what about other Window Phone models? Enter the Windows Phone app Pano.

Pano was recently released over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that will allow you to stitch together up to sixteen images to create a massively huge panorama.  Pano has had a decent amount of success over on the iPhone and based on what we've seen, should be just as successful with Windows Phone users as well.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Crazy Survival

Crazy Survival is a successful Blackberry title that has crossed over to the Windows Phone platform. Crazy Survival is a fast paced, rather simple game for your Windows Phone but don't let the simplicity fool you.  This Windows Phone game can be a handful.

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Windows Phone Game Taptitude hits the 100K mark

Here's another Windows Phone success story. Taptitude is a Windows Phone game that pulls together over fifty mini-games under one roof. The games range from Throwing Star that has you tap the screen to shoot target with shuriken stars to Bubble Booyah that is a bubble burst game. You also have shooting galleries, dig-dug styled games, fruit ninja styled games, and many, many more.

The games are challenging and have you racing the clock to earn achievements, high scores, and coins that are used to buy upgrades. The collection is vast and includes some really fun, simple games that can be rather challenging.  Add weekly updates and Taptitude has plenty of gaming time.

The success story comes into play in that 4BrosStudio, the developer, is reporting that Taptitude has hit 100,000 installs and their ad revenue is closing in on the six figure mark.  Not too shabby.

Taptitude is a great game and it's nice to see another Windows Phone app being successful. Taptitude is a free, ad supported game that you can grab over here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via: wpsauce

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If you recall, way back in November one of the events at Nokia World was the announcement of the Hackathon winner. Hackathon was a development contest where 40 developers had 40 hours to create an app for a Nokia Phone. Visiarc won the contest with their Windows Phone game Duudle. Why the recap? Well, Duudle is now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Duudle is a Pictionary styled game for your Windows Phone where you have thirty seconds to doodle a picture describing a word. Then your opponents have to guess the word from the doodle. The quicker they correctly guess the word, the more points earned.

Duudle is a multi-player, turn based game that is played online much like AlphaJax or SpellIt. You'll need to register (free) with Duudle to play online when you first launch the game.  If you signup with your Facebook account, you'll automatically see your Facebook friends who are Duudle players.  You then pick up games against your Facebook friends or in random games to make new friends. Being turned based the game takes on a relaxing pace giving players up to seventy-two hours to complete their turn.

There is a free trial available for Duudle with the full version running $2.99. You can find your copy here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Peter, for the tip!

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Video Diary lands in the Marketplace

Some time ago we shared a sneak peak at the Windows Phone application Video Diary. Well it's now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Video Diary is an app that lets you create a private video collection of your daily thoughts and memories. Recordings remain segregated from your Pictures Hub and can be backed up through your Dropbox account.

Key features include:

  • Full recording reminders where you can set to a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The reminder includes a deep link that will send you directly to the app.
  • Live tile support that notifies of your reminder service.
  • Automated save system that eliminates the need to name your recordings. Each recording is automatically named with the date and time when you leave the recording screen.

While Video Diary does not support the front facing cameras of the second generation Windows Phone, it is our understanding that such support is in development.

Video Diary is a free, ad-supported Mango App that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone App Review: Vadret

"Vadret" is Swedish for "weather" (which I've probably mispronounced terribly) and Vadret is a simple but nicely laid out weather app for your Windows Phone. It gives you quick and easy access to your basic weather conditions and forecasts for up to five of your favorite worldwide locations.

When you first launch Vadret you are prompted to go to the Settings Menu where you will choose your cities, establish the general layout of the app, how you want your live tiles to look, and which of the eleven backgrounds you want to use.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Word Mints

For those who are longing for more Windows Phone word games, we've got a dandy for you. Word Mints is a "find a word" type game that is integrated with your Facebook account. Word Mints is a tournament oriented game where you race the clock and play against other players to see who can create the most words from a six random letters. There is a lot to Word Mints including daily contests, achievements, and your own Facebook styled wall.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Rummycomb

Rummycomb is a Bejeweled inspired game for your Windows Phone that was recently updated to version 1.2. The update brings a Christmas theme to the game and resolved a few issues the game was experiencing.

You face a hexagonal grid of various objects and your job is to find matching suits of these objects based on suit or color. You build connections of three or more objects to earn points.  Rummycomb has three game modes and a handful of themes to keep things interesting.

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Want really good graphics? Check out ARMED!

Just caught wind of a new Windows Phone game that simply looks fantastic. ARMED! is a sci-fi turn-based, multiplayer strategy game. You are in command of a fleet of sci-fi tanks, turrets and robots with one goal in mind...crush your enemy.

Key features includes:

  • Five maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features
  • Twelve offensive and defensive units to command into battle
  • Over fifty unit upgrades and special attacks to help turn the tide
  • Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with ratings and matchmaking
  • Live Tile updates with turn notifications
  • Track your rankings on the real time leaderboards
  • Scoreloop integration with photo profiles

While the main attraction of ARMED! is the mult-player mode, you also have a single player option to do battle with the CPU. The game is fantastically animated with the ability to zoom out and have a two-dimensional view or zoom in for the 3D table top view.

There's a lot to ARMED! and luckily there is a really good tutorial to walk you through the mechanics of the game. In just tinkering with ARMED! for a few minutes, the graphics are impressive and the game play not too shabby either.

There is a trial version available for ARMED! and the full version is running $3.99. It is a mango app for your Windows Phone and you can grab ARMED! here at the Marketplace.

via: wp7connect thanks Danny p for the tip!

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Add a twist to your messages with MyTextTwister

Need to spice up your text messages? Want to drive your friends crazy with upside down text messages? Want to do the same with Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live posts?

If you do, check out MyTextTwister over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. MyTextTwister adds a creative touch to your messages and posts with text effects such as inverted, rounded, leet speak, and lots of ASCII art effects.  A recent update to the app added a holiday theme to the available art effects.

MyTextTwister's interface is simple. You have one field to enter your text in a normal fashion and a preview field to show the effected text. Just below these two field is where you choose your Twisting Logic. Down below are buttons to add ASCII decorations, send the text to your SMS client, email the text or send it to a Facebook, Twitter or Windows Live.

It is noted in MyTextTwister's Marketplace description that sending ASCII arts and text effects relies on your service provider's support for sending 16-bit unicode text SMS and the receiving phone's support to receive such messages.

MyTextTwister is an interesting Windows Phone app to give your text messages and social media posts a unique flare. MyTextTwister is a free, ad-supported mango app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone App Review: easyHeartRate

We all know that our Windows Phones have tremendous capabilities but did you know that there's an app out there that turns your Windows Phone into a heart rate monitor? easyHeartRate is a Windows Phone app that uses your camera to measure your heart rate. easyHeartRate not only gives you a decent heart rate reading but you also have the ability to record and monitor your heart rate history, and calculate the various heart rate zones.

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Trine's Hangman updated and going on sale

Gydar Industries is at it again. They have released another update to the popular Windows Phone game Trine's Hangman and will also be offering it at half price for the Holidays. Version 1.14 adds more words into the mix, fixes a few bugs, and adds two Christmas themed wallpapers to the game.

The half off sale will drop the price of Trines Hangman Pro from $1.99 to $.99. The Holiday sale will run from December 25, 2011 to January 1, 2012. You still have Trine's Hangman available which is a free, ad-supported version but at $.99, the Pro version is a real steal of a deal.

For those not familiar with Trine's Hangman, it is a hangman game for your Windows Phone that has you playing against a global online community of thousands for leaderboard braggin' rights. The game can be personalized with wallpapers and the music can be saved as a custom ringtone for your Windows Phone. There's even an online braggin' rights page you can share via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS message (here's mine).

If you haven't tried Trine's Hangman now is your chance to take advantage of a great offer on the ad-free version. You can find Trine's Hangman Pro here (remember starting Dec. 25th it's half off) at the Windows Phone Marketplace and Trine's Hangman (the ad supported version) here.  Trine's is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.


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Ring Ball Christmas Edition hits the Marketplace

There are a handful of Holiday themed games hitting the Windows Marketplace and you can add Ring Ball to the growing list.

Ring Ball is a simple game where you have a ball that changes colors that you use to collect matching colored rings. Ring Ball makes use of your Windows Phone accelerometer and you roll the ball around the screen by tilting your Windows Phone this way and that.  You collect rings of matching color to earn points, while avoiding non-matching colored rings.

Once you collect a ring, the color of the ball changes. Should you make contact with a non-matching color ring, you lose one of your three lives. There are bonus items that pop up from time to time such as the psychedelic rainbow that allows you to collect any ring, regardless of the color.

In tinkering with Ring Ball it comes across as an entertaining game that will test your skills of balance. My only nit after spending a short time with the game is that the ball movement seemed a little sluggish.  Unfortunately, there isn't any settings to adjust the accelerometer's sensitivity.

There is a free trial available with the full version of Ring Ball running $.99. You can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Flipper

Flipper is an interesting game for your Windows Phone. It's a simple game where you flip triangles to create squares to earn points. It's an easy game to pick up on but challenging enough to keep your interests up.  

Flipper's menu has options to play the game, view your high score and submit your scores to an online leaderboard. You can also customize your player name as it appears on the leaderboard.  The game really has nothing to do with Gumby but at the time, I couldn't think of any other prop to use.

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A Holiday gift from Cryp2pass

Cryp2pass is a password manager for your Windows Phone that will not only store your passwords but also generate passwords for your various accounts. In celebration of the Holidays, Cryp2pass is now being offered as a free application over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Cryp2pass takes advantage of the panoramic layout of Windows Phone and features ten pre-defined templates. Templates can be edited to suit your needs and range from bank accounts to your insurance accounts. The app itself is password protected and a backup of your password database can be created on your PC.

There's no indication how long the limited time offer will last but for the time being you can grab Cryp2pass for free here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Robots from Mars

Here's a simple game for your Windows Phone that has a lot of potential but a decent amount of room for improvement. Robots from Mars is a 3D platformer styled game that has you controlling a robot across the Mars' countryside.

Along the way you have to use your rocket boosters to navigate over obstacles.  Your robot is also equipped with a weapon to help defend off any Martians that may appear.  The 3D graphics are nice and gives the game a little bit of a retro feel.  Robots from Mars is a decent game for your Windows Phone but still has some room for improvement.

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