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Slingcat is a Windows Phone game where you play the role of a cat, which bears the same name, who is on a mission to find buried treasure. Armed with only a bow, Slingcat faces an assortment of dangers during his quest for treasure that include charging bulls, canaries armed with boulders, bomb dropping vultures and more.

Gameplay is a combination of a platfomer styled game and an action shooter. This combination of game play styles helps add to the games appeal and will definitely keep you on your toes. Animations are nicely drawn-up, game play challenging and Slingcat makes for an enjoyable gaming option for Windows Phone 8.

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A while back we reviewed Spirit of Hero, a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) from Vietnamese developer TeaMobi. Although fairly buggy and riddled with translation errors, the game offered a lot of content and a unique look at Vietnamese history and mythology. And there aren’t exactly tons of free to play MMORPGs on Windows Phone.

It turns out that TeaMobi is something of an MMO specialist. They offer two more massively multiplayer online games on our favorite smartphone platform: Ninja School and Avatar. Today we look at Ninja School (aka Ninja School Online), a free platforming RPG similar to the popular Maple Story series. Surprisingly, this one works with both Windows Phone 7 and 8. Do technical problems and poor translation keep this game from ninja awesomeness? Find out in our full review.

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Robot Bros is a relatively new Windows Phone game that plays like a platformer but has a puzzle plot. You take control of the Robot Brothers and have to navigate from start to finish while negotiating around a series of obstacles.

The challenge comes into play in that you can only control one robot at a time and both robots have to cross the finish line. Robot Bros has 90 levels with six robot types. In just tinkering with the game for a short time, it comes across as a challenging game. Robot Bros has recieved some nice reviews over on iOS and has the potential to do the same here on the Windows Phone platform.

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The Windows Store is certainly growing and it seems that if you delve deep enough, there is always a new interesting app or game to tryout. We have played quite a few games on our Windows tablet’s such as Halo: Spartan Assault, that take full advantage of the graphic processing at hand. However, as we all know, complex graphics are not always the most important aspect. Today, we are looking at a simple, yet fun, infinite platformer – Night Lighter.

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Mobile operating systems aren't short of games when it comes to platformer titles and Windows Phone has some real gems available for download - we recently took a look at Paper Monsters to name but one. We're also major fans of myAppFree, bringing commercial apps and games to consumers for no cost at all. When both of these mix together, we're excited to see the end result. Cue PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain, which is available for nothing over the course of the next 24 hours.

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There are a number of cute games available on the Windows Phone Store, a perfect example being ilomilo. Should you be looking for a cute 3D platformer, look no further than Paper Monsters. The title, just released on the platform by Mobot Studios, is a solid game worth purchasing. When you have a few minutes to waste on your Windows Phone, allow Paper Monsters to teleport you to a world of paper, cardboard and a few cotton balls.

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Inka Madness is an awesome little platformer for Windows Phone, which is free for the time being. The player is tasked with taking Atuq, the favourite son of the ruler Inca Tupac Qhari and a great and fearless warrior who the gods have chosen, on the important mission to free his siblings from an awful curse and remove chaos from the Inca Empire. 

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JumpWheel bounces into the Windows Phone Store

JumpWheel is a new multi-level, platformer styled game for your Windows Phone. You control a wheel that has to navigate through a series of platforms, gathering tokens for points.

The 3D graphics are really nice and game play has its fair share of challenges. JumpWheel has twenty levels of play and three choices of wheels with varying traction and jump ratings.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Mage in Hat

Mage in Hat is a fast paced, action game for your Windows Phone that is a little on the surprising side. The game's story line has an evil sorcerer stealing great spheres of the elements and it is your job to defeat the evil sorcerer's bosses and eventually the sorcerer himself to return the stolen spheres.

While the game description feels like a role playing game, Mage in Hat plays like an arcade or platformer game. Graphics are nice, game play rather challenging and overall Mage in Hat comes across as a nice time waster of a game.

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Care for a fine Windows Phone-exclusive Xbox Live release this week? You’re in luck then, because Mush from indie British developer Angry Mango is finally available after a whopping two years of development.

Mush is a bright and original platformer that plays a bit differently from the norm. The titular character Mush gains unique abilities based on his emotions. Draw a smile and becomes so elated that he floats; make him frown and he sinks way down low. Using 12 different emotions, you’ll help Mush solve puzzles and rescue his friends who’ve been trapped inside of Matroska dolls. Besides the creative emotion mechanic, Mush also boasts a beautiful and appealing art style. You can see it in action in our E3 hands-on video.

Mush costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Don’t get too mushy on us; just get it here from the Marketplace.

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Last year, this writer paid a visit to Twisted Pixel Studios in Austin, TX to discuss their Kinect title The Gunstringer. Twisted Pixel is best known for their creative and irreverent Xbox Live Arcade titles, including The Maw, Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and Ms. Splosion Man. Shortly after the visit, Microsoft acquired Twisted Pixel. I dared to hope that the move to first-party status would bring Twisted Pixel titles to Windows Phone, and what do you know…

Ms. Splosion Man, the larger-than-life sequel to Splosion Man, has now been announced for Windows Phone! In MSM (as I’ll now shorten it), players control the titular antihero. Like her male predecessor, she’s the result of scientific experimentation gone awry. MSM is a platformer, but unlike other games, the lead character doesn’t just jump, she ‘splodes to reach new heights. She’ll also ‘splode the hapless scientists and any other contraptions they’ve built that get in her way. It’s bright, cheerful, and extremely silly fun.  The XBLA game also provides quite a challenge, but I’m sure Windows Phone gamers are up to it.

Ms. Splosion Man gets around, as she’ll also be appearing on Windows Phone in her own themed table in the upcoming Windows Phone port of Pinball FX 2. The same table is already available in the XBLA original.

Twisted Pixel’s support of Windows Phone is terrific news, though not without a few caveats. They’re still calling the platform Windows Phone 7 in the trailer, which will look a bit dated as soon as Windows Phone 8 rolls around. More to the point, Ms. Splosion Man is also coming to PC, iPhone, and iPad. We’ve seen this happen with Kinectimals, Halo Waypoint, and several other Microsoft apps. Microsoft publishing titles for competing platforms sends mixed signals to consumers and nullifies a potential advantage of the Windows Phone platform. Exclusives help drive sales, after all. Why not just bring Halo 4 to Playstation 3 while they're at it? Oh well - we won’t spoil a new Windows Phone title reveal with further complaining.

Thanks to Dark Synopsis for the tip!

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When Gravity Guy launched last year, two of its Achievements were unavailable to players. This was not due to glitches but by design – quite unusual for an Xbox Live game. Fast forward to today and Gravity Guy’s version 1.1 update has arrived. It packs quite a lot for an update, including a few surprises.

Gravity Guy version 1.1 release notes:

  • Added Fast App Switching support
  • Added the Rescue chapter to Story Mode (29 new levels)
  • Added paid DLCs:
    Slowdowns: Slows down the game for 90 seconds. It's like "bullet time"

The paid DLC (PDLC) is the big news here. Gravity Guy has officially become the first third-party Xbox Live game to offer PDLC, a bit ahead of Bug Village and Zombies!!!. Players automatically get three free Slowdowns, which can be used by tapping the new icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Slowdowns typically last for about one and a half levels – if the player doesn’t make any mistakes. Use up your free Slowdowns and it costs 160 Microsoft Points ($2) to buy a pack of 5 more.

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When I was a wee lad, I thought it would be cool to make a game with the world’s longest title… Something like 20 words long, that would get it noticed! Apparently the folks at indie developer Bad Pilcrow had the same idea, and thus Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix and Her Nightmare was born. The benefit to a giant title like that is that it really does get catch the eye. “That game has seven words in the title! Why, other game titles only have two or three words at most. Could Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix and Her Nightmare be thrice as good as them?” But the problem comes whenever you have to say or type the title and you can’t remember it or your fingers get too tired. Even for this review, I had to copy and paste the title from somewhere else, because my mind isn’t built to remember that mess of proper and common nouns.

Yep, that’s how I chose to establish context. Head past the break for the full review.

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New Sonic CD Trailer remembers its roots

Sega's first Sonic CD trailer showed just enough gameplay footage to get Sonic fans salivating. This new trailer is even better. First it plays up the game's roots as a Sega CD/Mega CD title; Sonic CD stands out as one of the best games on that quirky, beleaguered platform, in fact. The rest of the trailer focuses on the game's unique time-traveling aspects, complete with plenty of footage of Sonic in action.

Sonic CD was originally released in 1993. The new version (which is coming to Windows Phone, XBLA, PSN, iPhone, and Android) not only recreates the classic platforming game, it includes several enhancements. The display has been expanded to widescreen without stretching the image, making the game look better than ever. The original Japanese techno soundtrack will be included for the first time outside of the US. Gamers will be able to toggle between Sonic CD-style spin-dashing and physics or the Sonic 2 and 3-style. And of course, it will offer the Xbox Live Achievements we all crave.

Sonic CD is still scheduled to debut sometime in November or (more likely) December. Between now and then WPCentral will have a full interview with the game’s producer.

Xbox 360 gamers who crave a Sonic the Hedgehog fix sooner are in luck. The surprisingly awesome (yes, I mean it) Sonic Generations heads to retail on November 1. Generations features a mix of classic Sonic levels from the Sega Genesis era all the way to the present, all presented with 2D- or 3D-style gameplay. With Sonic CD and Generations, Sega is finally giving the fans what they want: quality Sonic titles with classic gameplay.

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Gravity Guy - Review

There are many different approaches to adapting traditional genres to mobile platforms. Take platformers, for example. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 brings an Xbox 360 title to Windows Phone with touch-screen controls. I love the game, but some people either can’t or don’t want to adapt to touch-screen controls. Doodle Jump, designed purely for mobile phones, simply relies on tilt-control to steer its ever-jumping hero from platform to platform. Gravity Guy from Miniclip falls somewhere between the two extremes.

Flip past the break for our full review.

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We covered the original Platformance way back in February and really loved it. The game is an old school platformer that is, um, really hard. But it's done so well we can almost forgive how hard it is. Almost. Seriously, you'll die like a hundred times in the first 10 minutes.

Still, we're pretty excited to see that Magiko Gaming was happy enough with Windows Phone that they're back for more with 'Temple Death':

"While filming her latest movie, famous starlet Grace Belly gets abducted by a sect of evil savages. You decide to go and rescue her down the ‘Temple Death’- a place filled with evil traps where only the fools can survive. Just like its predecessor “PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain” (already available on WP7), “PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death” is a challenging platformer that takes place in a giant single level filled with deadly traps and puzzles."


  • over 40 challenges to overcome
  • zoom in on the action or zoom out to see the whole level
  • 3 difficulty modes with their own traps configuration
  • take screenshots to send to your friends or brag over the internet
  • Local scoreboards
  • Rewards
  • Flopwards!
  • chiptune music
  • once at the end, experience the game backward

Play the game backwards? Guys, you had us at 'Flopwards'. Take our money, now! There's a trial version and the full version will fetch you an extremely reasonable $0.99. Pick it up here in the Marketplace.

via: BestWP7 Games

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Gravity Guy lands on the Marketplace [Xbox LIVE]

Ready for some serious platforming? Gravity Guy from Miniclip is now available in the Marketplace.

Gravity Guy is a game based entirely around playing with gravity. As the hero automatically runs from left to right, players must reverse gravity back and forth in order to help him make it past obstacles. The game quickly becomes challenging, requiring split-second reflexes and perhaps a touch of memorization in order to keep Gravity Guy from the graveyard. The urge to get just a bit farther pushes players on…

Not only is Gravity Guy a pretty game, with well-drawn characters and backgrounds containing a lot of depth, but it’s also multiplayer! Just not online. That’s right, Gravity Guy is one of the few mobile Xbox Live games to feature local multiplayer that isn’t a board game. Up to four players can participate simultaneously, tapping their respective corners of the screen in order to flip their individual heroes. Multiplayer might not be comfy, but it’s something.

Gravity Guy costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Hop over here (Zune link) to get it from the Marketplace.

Also, don't forget that Pocket God is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. It's on sale for $1.99 and you can find it here.

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Sega surprised everyone today by announcing a new Sonic the Hedgehog game for Windows Phone. No, it’s not a surprise that they’re doing a second one after Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I turned out so well (see our review). What we didn’t expect from the next mobile Sonic game is that it would be a port of… Sonic CD.

Sonic CD (AKA Sonic the Hedgehog CD) was originally released on the Sega CD/Mega CD, a CD-ROM add-on for the 16-bit Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console, back in 1993. It marks the first appearances of Sonic’s would-be girlfriend Amy Rose and fan-favorite villain Metal Sonic. Sonic CD has seven huge zones, each with three acts, as well as unique 3D special stages. Most uniquely, Sonic can travel into past and future versions of most stages by passing through time portals at high-speeds. Successfully defeating Eggman’s Robot Generators in the past actually changes the future for the better. Sonic CD also features a fully animated intro and two different endings. By the way, it's my all-time favorite Sonic game.

Head past the break for details on the new Sonic CD port and the concept video that helped make this port a reality!

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - Review

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has endured a tumultuous existence. Sonic debuted as a mascot character for the Sega Genesis and starred in several classic platformers for that console and the Sega CD. After basically shelving Sonic during the 32-bit Sega Saturn era, Sega finally decided to bring him back in a launch title for the Sega Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure received a warm reception, and yet it was the beginning of a dark time for Sonic.

You see, Adventure was the first fully 3D Sonic platformer and it introduced a host of problems that would only grow worse in follow-up titles: poor collision detection, largely on-rails game play (during the actual Sonic levels anyway), pointless town sections and side quests, terrible music, general glitchiness, numerous annoying furry pals for Sonic, and equally annoying voice work and storytelling. Each 3D Sonic sequel became progressively more heinous, culminating in 2006’s Sonic the Hedgehog, which remains the worst game I’ve ever played in my life.

Despite numerous missteps, Sonic’s popularity never fully disappeared. His fan base split into two camps though: one consists of furries and children who basically just don't know any better. The other camp remembers Sonic’s glory days and pleads for a return to the character’s roots. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I was made just for them.

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