Lumia 930 shipment news from Poland, Germany and Switzerland

As expected, the release of the Lumia 930 smartphone in Europe this month is quickly moving forward. Today we have a round-up of shipment and pre-order news for the Windows Phone 8.1 device from three countries in that part of the world: Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Lumia 630 available for pre-order in Poland, ships next week

Living in Poland and looking forward to the Nokia Lumia 630? Then you’re in luck because you can pre-order the device today! The device is expected to become available next week. So you should read on to get the details and see whether or not you want the Lumia 630.

Buying a Lumia 1020, 925 in Poland? Nokia gets you started with free Windows Phone app gift card

If you're considering the purchase of either the Lumia 925 or Lumia 1020 in Poland before the year is out, you'll be able to take advantage of a free app gift card worth 80 Polish Zlotys (about $25). The bonus credit will enable new platform adopters to download a wide variety of apps from the Windows Phone Store. It's a perfect way to get started when unboxing your new smartphone.

See the world like a bird with Nokia's whimsical Copter app

Nokia Poland has released a rather special app to the Windows Phone Store, enabling you to view all the footage the company recorded with the airborne Lumia 1020. We looked at Nokia providing a unique look at the Polish ctiy of Kraków the other day and while you're able to follow the Windows Phone on its journey through YouTube videos, the Nokia Copter app takes the experience that big further.

Nokia sends the Lumia 1020 for some airborne recording above Poland

Nokia Poland has released a new video on its YouTube channel, showing the city of Kraków from above. The company has previously teased the "Nokia Copter" (see this video for the copter device itself) with numerous short films, but today viewers are able to see the end result. Recorded on a Lumia 1020, we're able to see sections of the city from unique angles.

Poland to start selling the Lumia 1020 tomorrow; coming to carriers in “the coming weeks”

When it rains, it pours is the old expression. That’s the case here with the Lumia 1020 news that keeps pouring in here to Windows Phone Central this morning--isn’t our worldwide readership just grand?

Today, Nokia Poland has announced that the highly sought after camera phone will go on sale tomorrow (September 19) at independent outlets and “in the coming weeks” to Orange and T-Mobile. The device will come in the traditional colors of white, yellow and black (sorry, no red folks!) and it will retail for 2899 PLN.

Nokia Lumia 1020 priced for Poland, comes in red

Witam przyjaciele. If you’re reading this over in Poland you’ll be super happy to learn the price of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020. We don’t know the release date over there, but we do have a ballpark price of the device and the colors you can grab it in.

Samsung ATIV S reportedly headed to Poland for September, one year after initial announcement

It looks like those in Poland will be getting a new Windows Phone to choose from come September as evidently the ATIV S from Samsung is headed to market. The phone, like the Sprint ATIV S Neo, is expected to be a minor refresh, possibly sporting a new chipset to support FM radio, Bluetooth 4.0 and OS build 10327 (GDR2).

The news comes via Samsung’s own Twitter account for the Polish market (Samsung Polska) and while pricing was not given, nor any updated specifications (if any), the time-frame of September 20th and the ATIV S model name was.

'The Amazing Everyday' Cinema Ambient Project Lumia campaign in Poland [Video]

Nokia has taken "The Amazing Everyday" to Cinema City venues in eight cities in Poland, giving away a Lumia 800 to 64 lucky winners of the events. In certain screenings the Finnish manufacturer hid coupons under certain seats and when the Lumia advertisements came on (always being aired last) a Polish celebrity urged viewers to check where they sat.

64 Lumia 800 winners, from 64 film screenings, in 8 cities. Nokia never fails to impress with their marketing campaign, regardless as to what country its taking place in.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the tip!