Quantum users getting a foreign LG App Store?

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Looks like some LG Quantum users, found mostly on AT&T, are getting a bit of surprise when they load up the Marketplace, specifically the LG App store is appearing in a foreign language (possibly Czech?). There's no real harm being done and users can still use apps from LG but it is a bit odd.

Makes you wonder if the LG App Store is hosted somewhere and there's a switch for languages/distribution that someone leaned on accidentally. Hopefully the foreign language intrusion won't last long. Anyone else having similar issues? (We're gonna test ours in a bit, she's in mid-Mango flash right now)

Update: Evidently not just Quantum users but Optimus as well :-/

Thanks, Mark W. and Travis O., for the tips and pics!

WP Bench: Arrive vs Focus vs Quantum [Video]

WP Bench is a nifty free app that hit the Marketplace this weekend. It's what it sounds like, a full featured Benchmarking suite used to gauge your device's GPU, CPU, battery, display, etc. All in all, solid stuff. Couple of niggles though: you can't save results, you lose them if the screen turns off and no database to compare to other devices. But hey, for v1.0 and free, it's a great start.

  • CPU singlethreaded performance
  • CPU multithreaded performance
  • Memory read/write speed
  • Storage read/write speed
  • GPU performance
  • Display color reproduction
  • Battery life tester

We decided, for laughs, to throw it on the LG Quantum, Samsung Focus and HTC Arrive to see what we got. (hint: results were similar) You can see the results above and watch the short video after the jump to see what the app has in store. Overall, we like it. You can grab it here in the Marketplace.

LG Quantum conveniently appears on "Human Target"

We haven't seen any Windows Phone product placements in awhile, so it was nice to see it play a tiny, but humorous role the other night on "Human Target (Ep 11 of Season 2).

Not much else to say really except keep it up Microsoft, you need the exposure.

You can watch the video clip here on YouTube as Warner Bros ain't letting us embed it (the nerve!).

Windows Phone in Canada: Venue Pro to Rogers & Bell drops price on Quantum

Looks like things are a moving in Canada. They're getting the HTC HD7 on Bell in a week or two and now word is that Rogers is getting the Dell Venue Pro in March--no word on pricing though. The 4.1" AMOLED screen device with a sliding keyboard should be a big hit and what is unique is evidently Rogers may be selling the device directly, unlike here on T-Mobile. Such a move should result in higher sales for the already popular phone.

Perhaps making room for the HD7, Bell is reducing the contract-cost of the LG Quantum from $79.95 ($100 at launch) to $29.95 with a 3-year contract. LG has had some problems pushing its Windows Phone choices in the market and perhaps this drop in price is in response.

Source: BGR & Mobile Syrup

LG's Voice to Text app is pretty outstanding [Video]

Although LG may be feeling some blues over the response to Windows Phone 7, one area they nailed was their awesome Voice to Text app.

We're sure Microsoft and their Tell-Me system will add this feature to all Windows Phone in the future, but for now, LG has it all to their own. That's because they're using Nuance Dragon Diction to do the actual speech translation and it works quite well.

Supporting Twitter, SMS, email and memos, the LG-only app is a shining jewel for their Quantum (see review) and Optimus 7 phones and something to consider when buying your device.

Bonus Tip: saying "period", "exclamation point" or "question mark" will do punctuation for you. So cool.

LG offering free apps over at the Marketplace

If you own a LG Quantum, LG has updated it's Marketplace offerings with a handful of new, free, apps.  There are ten apps in all and they include:

  • Cocktail Flow - A cocktail recipe app
  • Doodle God - A civilization creation game
  • Color Sprouts -A drawing/coloring app
  • Envision for Basecamp - Project management tool
  • Krashlander - A gaming app pitting you against robots
  • Colorize - An image manipulation tool
  • Weave - A very good RSS reader(here's our review)
  • Talking Ragdoll - Novelty app to transform your pictures into talking rag dolls
  • Mobile Sommelier - A wine and food pairing app
  • Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube - An interesting looking puzzle game

LG is also offering a network setup app to help users configure their network settings (similar to what Samsung did a while ago).

What's interesting about this offer is that these apps (save the network setup) are all openly available on the Marketplace.  All totaled, these apps would run you about $30 but if you access them through your LG Quantum, they are free.  I guess it is LG's way to say thanks for choosing our phone.

To take advantage of these free apps, simply go to your Marketplace App on your LG Windows Phone and they'll be listed in the LG App Store.

Source: PocketNow Thanks to Mike and Just Visiting for sending in this tip!

AT&T lowers price on Quantum and Focus

On the fence about buying an LG Quantum or Samsung Focus and just can't justify spending $199 on the new Windows Phone?  We've learned of some good news from AT&T in that they have dropped the price for both these phones down to $99. Enough to knock you off that fence?

Not sure when it happened but AT&T dropped the contractually discounted price and out-of-contract price (now $399) one hundred bucks.  The phones do require a minimum data package of $15 a month and new activation (not sure if upgrades qualify).  If you order online, AT&T will throw in free shipping to boot.

Not a shabby deal if you're in the market for a new Windows Phone.  You can find all the details over at AT&T Wireless.

Thanks goes out to Eli for tipping us on this!

Ecolife Elements Top Case for LG Quantum - Review

Aftermarket cases are slowing trickling in over at the WPCentral Store and the Ecolife Elements Top Case stands out for the LG Quantum.

We've looked at the Ecolife cases before and were impressed with the quality and durability. I've been carrying my AT&T Tilt2 in Ecolife's Elements Side Case for about six months and it's still going strong. The Top Case fits the LG Quantum nicely and I recently took the case for a test drive with the new Windows Phone.

Follow the break to see what impression the Elements Case made.

Review: LG Quantum

LG has joined the party! The LG Quantum is available over at AT&T to complete the wireless provider's initial Windows Phone 7 lineup.

The Samsung Focus's main features would be the thin size and Super-AMOLED screen. The HTC Surround's key feature would be the slide out Yamaha speakers. The LG Quantum's key features, the slide-out keyboard and DLNA compatibility.

Can the physical keyboard and DLNA give the Quantum a leg up on the competition? Or will the smaller form factor dampen the impact of the LG Quantum?

Ease on past the break to find out.

LG Quantum lands at Amazon.com

Earlier we saw the LG Quantum show up online at AT&T and Microsoft. Now the latest Windows Phone has landed at Amazon.com.

The Quantum is running $469.99 out of contract and as low as $.01 with new service ($199.99 if you're upgrading). Amazon will also throw in free two day shipping on the Quantum.

The penny sale does have a catch. The fine print reads,

"When you purchase your device with service from AmazonWireless.com, we automatically pass along an instant discount from the carrier to you. This discount has been provided to you based on your agreement to (a) activate a new, or extend an existing, line of service for this device with the carrier, and (b) maintain this service in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days. If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, AmazonWireless.com will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.".

Regardless of the fine print, it's a heck of a deal if you're looking for a Windows Phone 7 device that sports a slide-out keyboard.  You can check out all the purchase options over at AmazonWireless.

LG Optimus 7 gets hacked for USB tethering too; LG Quantum next?

Wow, so looks like that whole back and forth on whether Windows Phone 7 could tether is turning out to be settled: of course it can, they just hid it.

Much like the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, the LG Optimus 7 has also been shown to be able to USB Tether as a modem. Once again, it's a bit tricky, requiring some drivers to download and tinkering with a diagnostic menu, but overall is pretty straightforward.

Directions are posted after the break.

There's a good chance that the LG Quantum will be able to do the same, seeing as they are essentially sister devices. Considering how cheap the Quantum is going for on Amazon Wireless (that'd be  1 cent), it might be a good investment.

Now we're all looking at HTC and Dell....fellas?

Source: SmartphoneFrance; via wmpoweruser

AT&T accepting Pre-orders on the LG Quantum

As supplies on the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround were flying off AT&T's shelves today, it appears that the LG Quantum will soon be joining the action.

AT&T is now accepting pre-orders for the LG Quantum with a expected ship date of November 15th with all orders processed on a first come, first served basis. Pricing is consistent with the other Windows Phones, $199.99 with contractual discounts or $499.99 out of contract. Of course you could also just pre-order it from LetsTalk for $99 and save yourself a bundle.

So, if you're holding out for a Windows Phone 7 device that has a side-sliding keyboard... now's your chance.

AT&T runs web promo on LG Quantum [Video]

It's nice to know with just 6 days left to launch, AT&T is starting to rev up the PR engines. In a just released a new "Mobile Minute" video, part of their continuing series, This time, AT&T focuses on the new LG Quantum which features that handsome sliding keyboard.

Nothing we don't already know is revealed in the video, so hardly a must-see. But if you're in the market for the Quantum, then you'll want to tease yourself. Indeed, that keyboard is quite awesome to type on. Full video after the break!

Bonus: HTC Surround video too.

AT&T's Windows Phone 7 lineup at Amazon

AT&T's Windows Phone 7 lineup is now appearing over at Amazon.com. While the phones aren't listed for pre-order, like we have seen with the T-Mobile HD7, but it's progress.

The Amazon pages for the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround list the phones as un-available (expected to be in stock soon) and ships with free two-day shipping. There is also a notation that the phones come with an AmazonWireless Instant Discount. Could the Amazon discount drop AT&T's prices down lower?

Hands-on with the LG Quantum

The LG Quantum is headed to AT&T Wireless and Phil was able to spend some intimate time with the phone during the Windows Phone 7 launch.

The 3.8" screen looks really responsive to the touch. The side-sliding QWERTY appears to be on the narrow side but when you're used to the five row keyboard of the Tilt2, a lot of keyboards appear narrow.

You can hear Phil's thoughts on the Quantum, as well as the other Windows Phone 7 devices he dropped handled during the Windows Phone 7 launch, in this week's Podcast.

AT&T Windows Phone 7 devices: When do they arrive?

AT&T and Microsoft announced three Windows Phone 7 devices this morning. The HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus.

In AT&T's Press Release, all three will run $199.99 after the two-year contractual discounts. The offer also includes a free 30-day trial for U-verse Mobile and Zune Pass, which gives customers the ability to download or stream songs from Zune plus the option to download and keep ten songs after the subscription ends.

The Focus will be available on November 8, 2010. The LG Quantum and HTC Surround will hit the shelves in time for the Holidays. We are hoping to get a clearer picture on those dates and will let you know the moment we do.

Follow the break for the full press release from AT&T.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Showcase Video


Microsoft has released a new video over at their YouTube channel that highlights five Windows Phone 7 devices that are heading to market.  It highlights the HTC Surround, HD7, Dell Venue Pro, Samsung Focus and LG Quantum.

The 1.5 minute video shows just enough of the new phones to make choosing a WP7 phone all the more difficult.

LG Quantum hands-on [Windows Phone 7 launch]

The LG Quantum is the lone QWERTY slider on AT&T's initial Windows Phone 7 lineup. We dare say it feels a tad on the cheap side, but that's not really a fair assessment. The keys are nice and clicky, and very well space. It helps that it's only a four-row keyboard and they're not cramming too many in one space. The slider mechanism is stiff, but not too stiff, and has a good spring to it.

The 3.8-inch screen is a dandy. Not as bright as Super AMOLED that you'll see on the Samsung phones, but for most people (like 99 percent of them) it'll be more than adequate thanks to its size.

More pics after the break.

LG Quantum: AT&T for $199

The LG Quantum sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 16gb of storage, and a 5mp camera with 720p video capture. Naturally it also sports DLNA for wireless video sharing. The screen comes in at 3.8 inches with WVGA resolution.

The standout feature for the Quantum is that slide-out keyboard with a full four rows of buttons and we hope/expect that the hands-on we'll have later today will confirm our hunch - the keyboard looks fantastic.

It should be available in the next few weeks on AT&T for $199