AT&T LG Quantum no longer available

We've had word, which we're confirmed, that you can no longer purchase the LG Quantum from AT&T, via their online store or on the phone. This ties in with our secret AT&T tipster who took a screenshot of the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum being discontinued. AT&T has just recently halted the HTC Surround (opens in new tab) too.

Second generation handsets have a plot to move into, so it'll be interesting to see the Samsung Focus S come to stores soon, not to mention possibly the Focus Flash (opens in new tab) or a Nokia handset (opens in new tab).

Thanks, @toenies (opens in new tab), for the heads up

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • sad i like this little fellow battery life great and its small
  • They were too expensive anyway. Amazonwireless and Best Buy offer them for one cent.
  • $49 is too expensive? Got mine for free back in March anyway...When they were all first released at $199-THAT was expensive..
  • Still like mine, runs great and I paid too much, but I had to have one right away. Hope there a slider to replace it, hard to live without that feature now that I've had one.
  • I don't know. No release dates announced for AT&Ts new WP lineup, and almost all their phones have been discontinued. What if someone goes shopping tonight. I know new releases are imminent, but availability could still be 4-5 weeks away. Just don't like the timing.
  • I love this phone. But I'm ready to get rid of the slider. I'm ready for Nokia.
  • I'm confused as to why they would discontinue this phone without a proper replacement. Now there's nothing from AT&T for people like me who use side sliding QWERTY devices exclusively. I guess I'm in the minority.