HTC Surround being discontinued

A rather depressing way to finish off the weekend, but it seems as though the HTC Surround (opens in new tab) is being discontinued at more than one source. On AT&T and Telus, both websites report that the Windows Phone handset is no longer available, although AT&T simply removed the product page with a substitute notice of unavailability. This news is almost as sad as Sprint deciding to use the HTC Arrive as a "handset recycle" (opens in new tab) example for the iPhone 4S.

What can we hope to see in the near future? Nokia, HTC and Acer to name but a few should look to push the platform harder in the US (with Microsoft's marketing support) as well as on a global scale. First-generation handsets appear to be the old with Mango (opens in new tab) devices ready and able to take their place.

Source: Telus Cell Phones (opens in new tab), AT&T (opens in new tab), via: Windows Phone Daily (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • HTC Titan will be up soon. As in a week or so. You heard it here first!
  • Good, they should move entirely to mango gen devices.
  • terrible design from the start. with the focus S and titan shipping on at&t soon (and hopefully the radar) the surround has no purpose whatsoever in retail.
  • Well it's a worse HTC arrive ( which mind you, is already terrible ). And before the arrive fanboys come in here, you know that if Sprint had the Focus you wouldn't even think twice.
  • QWERTY keyboards are a necessity for me (my fat fingers and virtual keyboards don't mix) so I'd actually stick with the Arrive (coming from a die-hard Touch Pro2 fan). But that's your opinion towards the phone, I personally think it has superb build quality and hardware specs for a first-gen device. Only problem is Microsoft's lack of landscape orientation throughout the OS like they had in Windows Mobile, but that's not HTC's fault.
  • I actually was glad they picked the HTC Arrive, I am a fan of the physical keyboards.
  • I prefer physical keyboards also. Now if Samsung made a Focus like the Epic 4G (with the keyboard) now maybe I would definitely go Focus
  • once again with ur ignorant **** how many times are u going to say this? how is it a terrible phone? it is FAR from that.
  • The Arrive is probably the best slider on the market. I think the keyboard is absolutely sublime.
  • I somewhat agree with this but the Arrive is a **** of a lot better than no WP7 phone at all. ;) I personally would like a vertical slider.
  • Good idea would be to move the 1st gen handsets to prepaid packages. $50 for a Focus with all the WP7 goodness intact. Another way to push sales.
  • The Focus is free in my country with a 2 year contract, is selling pretty well.
  • please provide evidence to back up ur ignorance stated above cavernícola!
  • The problem for all of them is simply marketing. The fact that there is none. How many times in a show do you see an Android commercial? Also, with MS tying in with one handset manufacturer a few weeks ago and Google buying up Motorola, what's there to make phone companies want to support WP7? Think about it like this. With the introduction of WP7, about the only people that know about it and are hyped about it are us. People that have the phones. How many WM people just went to 4GS this week? A lot more than went from 3G or 4G over to WP7 I'm willing to bet. Mango has a lot of great features and has the potential to be a serious competitor to all the others. But, it's the best kept secret in the market.
  • :-(
  • Troll.
  • I have the HTC Surround on Telus. I love mine personally. It runs very smooth. Two year contract, got the phone for free on a promotion. Going to admit, In 2 years I am getting another Windows Phone.
  • It's time for 2nd Gen phones.
  • Those who know me from other forums know that I collect and trade devices. So I've tried out all available but the DVP.Anyone who says the Surround is a terrible device has obviously never used it. It's a solid performer and the speaker makes it one of a kind. Let's face it no WP7 device is spectacular, it's like being in a bad marriage waiting for your spouse to change (so frustrating).Enough of that, the Surround has something that no other device has anywhere! For that I think most (90%) of Surround users are glad to have made that choice. I dare someone here to tell me a device available at WP's start that really blows everything else out of the water. Triple double dog dare ya!!!The Surround may not be a classic like the HD2 but it has it's own place in Mobile-tech history.
  • A lot of negative comments on here. I know two people, both friends of my daughter, who own the Surround and they enjoy it. Not sure what the downside is that everyone is posting about. It is smooth running 1st gen WP. I consider all those of the 1st gen devices a soft start - just kinda of a get the devices out and get real life data on em. But it was a unique device in a market in which it is tough to be unique. A good run.
  • My wife and I both have a surround, and we both love them. Great device.
  • Ive enjoyed my surround. but after almost a year Im ready for a new phone.