Sprint makes the Arrive a poster child for their Buyback program, favors iPhone 4S

To make the Windows Phone situation even sadder on Sprint than it already is (seriously, they pretty much tie Verizon), Sprint is now using the HTC Arrive, arguably one of the better Windows Phones, as the example for their buyback program. In short, when you go to the iPhone 4S page on Sprint, scrolling down reveals the Sprint Buyback program and the HTC Arrive, a phone that is just six months old, is wrapped in age-inducing ivy.

It's as if Sprint is digging the knife in a little deeper. Sure, we could hope that this is because they're getting ready to reveal one or even two new Windows Phone for the holiday season, but honestly, it's been pretty quiet on the rumor front so far.

Lame Sprint, just lame.

Thanks, EJ Lee, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is what is expected from everyone not AT&T
  • I don't expect Sprint to undermine and cannibalize its own phones. That makes no sense. It costs Sprint money to subsidize each iPhone that it sells. So why the **** why would they want to lose money to retain an existing customer when they should be trying to attract new customers? Correction: I see why now. Sprint is paying about .25 cents on the dollar and it gives you a bad deal on your trade-in.Sprint you are dead to us.
  • A retarded monkey with a crayon can create a better marketing campaign than Microsoft has with Windows Phone. Until that changes I don't see things getting better.
  • Does Google market Android? No, so why do you expect Microsoft to market Windows Phone? It is up to the OEM's to do more marketing if they want to sell more of their phones. Microsoft's job is to make the OEM's want to sell more phones.
  • Actually, what made Android take off was the Droid marketing campaign by Verizon. Most Android phone marketing is done by the cell phone carriers, not OEMs. If they don't want to market Windows Phone then Microsoft will have to.Remember, Microsoft did have a marketing campaign, it was just a really, really bad one.
  • But the OEMs don't care because they're making plenty of money off their Android hansets, of which there are many more.Microsoft doesn't get that excuse. They need to pull their damn fingers out and get marketing.
  • Time to face reality, the cdma carriers don't want WP7, nothing anyone can do if they are unwilling or unable to switch carriers. Sad but true.
  • I can't believe this. I have had Sprint for years. I mean ... I still have 18 months left on my arrive contact, so they better have another win phone .. hopefully phone 8 by the time my conrtact ends.
  • I just became eligible for an upgrade and I don't want to get the arrive b/c it is starting to age, but I might have to if they don't get something newer quick, Windows Mobile 6.5 is not cutting it.
  • Until Microsoft gets LET devices rolling I don't see this stopping. VZW and Sprint are all about "4G" phones. Sad.. truely is sad. That makes WP7 look like a failure.UGH!!
  • You mean LTE I think.Besides that, there's still a flaw there. Verizon and Sprint are touting around their new iPhone 4S, not a 4G phone.In addition, though carriers show their 4G phones and show that they offer it, there are still MANY areas that don't support it. The signal bar on the phone may say 4G next to it but it's likely only 3G.T-mobile still has the largest 4G network, which is probably why they have the only 4G WP7 (so far).Also, even though Windows doesn't have 4G devices out there just yet, doesn't make it a failure. People are just reluctant to try something new and the carriers are obviously biased against WP7 because it's not flying off the shelves, possibly due to lack of marketing, which would be due to it not flying off the shelves. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is why it's up to the users (and carriers) to get the word out and show their faith in the OS not the lack thereof.
  • The carriers pushed Android phones when they couldn't get the IPhone on their network. Now they see no reason to push Windows Phone since Android phones are now popular. In that environment Microsoft had to kick-off demand with a marketing campaign but we've all seen what they came up with there. The commercials were beyond terrible. It's been over a year and for most people it still hasn't even registered that there is a new platform available.
  • I just posted this to Sprints FB page:I just saw the HTC Arrive Windows Phone which has a very high customer rating on the Iphone page highlighting it for your buyback program. This is an insult to those of us who love our new Windows Phones or want one on Sprint. Sprint you are forgetting you have more customers who do not want an Iphone than those who do. If you alienate 80% for the other 20% you lose Sprint. For the first time in 7 years we are seriously considering paying more for better service and a variety of phones than stay with a network who is catering to the Iphone.
  • Nice, I don't understand this. It looks like apple combined forces with carriers to knockout competition, I mean it's clear what's happening here. MS will have to start an aggressive campaign or else windows phone will get buried by the spread of lies this clowns are putting together, carriers want their customers to think that windows phone is the ancient windows mobile. What a shame :/
  • Well said.
  • I went even further and posted in the sprint community
  • this is not surprising when you think about it. sprint is trying to save their company by putting all their eggs in the apple basket.
  • Yes and it's not fair what their doing. Lets see what they'll do when the plan backfires in the longterm.
  • :( Sprint, I am disappointI love your plan but I hate your selection
  • So glad I left Sprint in January when they couldn't even commit to when they'd get their Windows Phone.
  • You never displayed it. Never push it. Never gave one single penny, thought, or iota of concern how to properly sell or market the Arrive. You never trained your employees. In fact your employees hid it, afraid to show WP7 to consumers like how a child is afraid to show his mom a broken toy. You were lazy, Sprint, lazy and ignorant. Through your complacency you missed a prime opportunity to attract brand new customers. I guess that exemplifies your business model, don't be a leader, just bank on being the "other option" and hope things work out for the best. I understand now why you can't compete with Verizon and AT&T. It's not that you don't want to play with the big boys. You just don't know how.Sprint, I've seen your catalog. You have well over a dozen crappy phones you could have used for this ad. Instead you choose one of the better phones?? Use one of those low tier Android phones or a Palm Pre, I'm quite sure you still have plenty of those lying around. Not the phone with a great build quality and solid OS. A phone that you still sell for $200 bucks on your site (yes, it's still 200 bucks). It's pathetic.Don't worry, Sprint, I have no problems giving AT&T an extra $10 bucks a month for better coverage and a wider selection of phones. Hopefully one day you learn how to run your business. Then you can stop complaining about how hard it is to compete with everyone else.
  • A slight off topic. May I ask why my comments never gets posted? Everytime I post something it gets flagged for some reason. I love this page and I'm a regular reader. This account is new, please fix it. Just in case that you're confusing me with someone else I'm not a multi-account troll.
  • whats sprint?
  • Another really stupid thing is: the Arrive gets so much better battery life than the Android phones I've come in contact with, which is better for the environment since you're using less energy to charge your phone. Heck, since the iPhone 4S is a dual-core, it might even be more energy efficient than that.Oh, well, now part of me is hoping Sprint doesn't get another WP, which would force me away from that hot mess.
  • if im sprint windows phone user i would switch to another carrier
  • i am seriously thinking about it. as much as people talk **** about at&t, they carry everything first,EVERYTHING. they are getting the titani want the TITAN
  • i love sprint for there unlimited plan but they keep this up imma leave after my contracts up maybe ill just pay just to leave and go to at&t atleast they do have wp7 i want dat focus s but i wanna wait nd see whos goona get da nokia wp7
  • AND sprint will only give $75 bucks. WTF? They charge over $400 for the arrive outright, now I have one and like it but IF I wanted to trade, it is not worth it. Craigslist would get me more. Sprint is a great carrier, but being on windows phone is sucking while on sprint.
  • Yeah I gave them a piece of my mind also. I say, bad show! To h*ll with them. ;)
  • I emailed Sprint asking about new WP7 devices coming between now and the end of the year told them I would be braking my 15 year old contract and 5 lines of service to go to AT&T if they couldn't produce something. The email I got back was basically telling me to go ahead and go no new windows phones on Sprint between now and the end of the year. The day the second generation devices hits AT&T I will be an AT&T customer.
  • I have 4 lines and it would cost me over 3 thousand dollars more to move to AT&T! I don't how anyone can afford AT&T these days because they want your first born and a blood sacrifice to use their crappy network.
  • Lol! HTC phone or iP4s? Come on, folks :) Sprint knows what their seller is!
  • Its a little, tiny 3.5 inch phone! But I guess that piece of junk will sell.
  • I have an Arrive and I love it, but I'm really looking forward to the day when I get a new WP7 device. The screen on the Arrive is just too small to type reliably on. I use the hardware keyboard a lot, but sometimes I just want to type something short and quick, and the on-screen keyboard is too small for me to do that without spelling errors.However, I've been pricing the other carriers and I just don't see myself moving away from Sprint anytime soon. Sprint is still a great value and I'm just not willing to switch carriers for a device when I'm satisfied with every other aspect of Sprint. I know it sucks that I'm stuck on the Arrive, but at least it's a decent WP7 device. I'd love a Focus S or a Titan. I'd especially love a premium Nokia device. But I'm not gonna spend $20+ more per month to get them.
  • Yeah, that's the conclusion I find each and every time I want to jump ship from Sprint. On the other hand now that these pay-as-you-go carriers like H2O and Simple Mobile are offering unlimited text, calls, and 4G data with GSm WP7 phones the financial argument in favor of Sprint is becoming less compelling.Have you done this comparison?
  • Not seriously. I'm very skeptical of prepaid plans for some reason, and the websites for H2O and Simple Mobile aren't helping to change that. Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile's network and their 3G coverage around me is pretty embarrassing, to be honest. Plenty of EDGE, though. H2O looks like it uses AT&T's network. Neither look to be up-front about what sort of data speeds you can expect while using their network.
  • There is something that just makes those websites feel chintzy isn't there?Once we get the lay of the land as far as WP7 Mango devices for this holiday season I may have to test one of these networks and report back in the forums. I hope Sprint can be reasonable about this and provide one WP7 with a 4 inch screen with 4G speed but I'm not optimistic.
  • I'm in the same boat. I get a discount through Sprint from work, and I have friends with really bad experiences from Verizon, and I used to be on ATT and don't want to go back. I was considering T-MO and their new 4G plans, but I have to look into the fine print.I love my Arrive and got it off contract, so I'm still flexible when my 2 years are up in January. I'd love to see at least one or two more options for Sprint WP7s, but I'm really happy with my current phone and don't mind holding on to it a little bit longer.
  • I love the keyboard on the Arrive. Try this: type as fast as you can without checking to see if you have any spelling errors. When you are done look up. My guess is you will have at the most one spelling error in your entire paragraph. WP7's auto-correct is second to none. I did exactly that while typing this comment. Only had one error. =)
  • for long paragraphs, I'll use the hardware keyboard every time. I would like to use the on-screen keyboard for short strings of text like URLs, logins, passwords, bing searches, etc. Quick and dirty inputs that aren't actual words per se so the auto-correct doesn't matter. I can't even do these reliably enough on the on-screen keyboard, not without having to go back and correct mistakes.
  • We had that LG CDMA WP device rumor, and I have been mining for gossip on it ever since. A couple of the searches on it said it was more likely to come to Sprint than Verizon, but if Big D was emailed that there is no WP coming, than I do not get it. Most analysist are sky high on Windows future. What is the risk in supporting a device or two on Sprint and Verizon as opposed to being left behind if it takes off?
  • It doesn't sound like Sprint is really interested in bringing in the phones its own customers say they want and will buy. They like going with gimmick phones, like the first "4G" phone and the first phone with 2 screens (which has failed epically). I was a Palm Pre user on Sprint for about 20 months before my phone started acting up so bad I got an Arrive on eBay. As part of the webOS community, who had a huge userbase on Sprint, we tried all sorts of ways to get Sprint to listen to us to carry the Pre Plus, the Pre 2, and the Pre 3. Each time they said no to guaranteed phone sales, guaranteed renewed 2 year contracts, and satisfied customers who would bring their friends onto the network. It's like Sprint thinks they're in a position to be selective about the phones they offer, when in reality they should be selling just about every phone they can get their hands on. Choice brings customers, as they're now seeing by offering the iPhone.
  • Windows Phone 7 biggest problem is mind share. Microsoft did a very good job of keeping everyone at the same spec level, however the problem with that is my HTC Arrive has pretty much the same spec sheet as the HTC EVO from 2010. I know my HTC Arrive is faster then the EVO because WP7 is better, but most people see better specs better phone. And even I envy my wife's Photon 4G because it runs so smoothly and my HTC Arrive does lag sometimes (of course I have a lot of live tiles ... but having 1GB of ram would help that!).So I love my HTC Arrive, but I see why Sprint and Verizon are not big on them right now. Hopefully when the Nokia comes it sells well enough on ATT that Big Yellow and Big Red both want WP7.5 lovin'.
  • One of the better phone? The arrive is **** I never in my life have seen on in the wild and the folks at sprint didn't even knew it had a keyboard.
  • speak for urself winterFAG the arrive is arguably the best phone I've had so far, no problems with it at all besides the crappy sprint towers in my city.
  • I will never go back to Sprint because of their poor service anyway...but this is unprofessional. I left Sprint and got me a Samsung Focus on ATT. Cant be happier! The Super Amoled is way better than Retina Display.
  • First, AT&T is the worst in most peoples book over here. You can have AT&T. Thats why they had the Lock on the iPhone. Everyone who had the iPhone on AT&T flat out told you that the Service Sucks.I went from Verizon to Sprint 3 yrs ago and have seen Little Change in service when I changed over and it has only gotten better over the years. Sprint is the Bomb!!! Verizon Raped my wallet. I will only leave Sprint if HTC messes up the Arrive or doesn't keep improving it. I will find another WP.
  • sprint is the bomb? u won't be saying that here in my town. we've had near dialup level speeds for 8 months.
  • This is something MS should take notice. Don't align with carriers that downplay your product. This will make Wp look bad. ATT seems to be their best bet or even Tmo.
  • Maybe Microsoft just needs to start selling Windows Phone directly, at or a little below cost. And then let the owner decide what network he wants to use. **** the contracts and the carriers. Oh, and maybe throw in some Skype for good measure. Look out Big {enter preferred color here}, things they are a changing.
  • Its not worth fighting with a carrier such as Sprint. The ceo's mind is made up. There is the belief that the iphone saves carrier business. The minds of customers are set as well. Iphone is a must have. I truly love Wp and would like to see it succeed. One of the best Os i ever used. Its not just an app launcher but total integration; social, cloud, and productivity. Honestly many users i believe don't understand what it means to have a smart phone but mere just having what everyone has. Any little quirk from Wp they see will just put them back to the iphone despite iphone having flaws itself. Mind set. The other to note is that iphone has total support from media and techies. What they say, masses must fallow. In order for wp to succeed, HTC, Samsung, and Nokia must step up their game and produce a wp that is top of the line in specs, build quality, great camera, and the best apps. Finally advertise, advertise, not just carriers or tv, but word of mouth as well and the best one would be Wp users.
  • Word of mouth advertising is what we users should be doing. Two weeks ago I talked my dad into going to AT&T to try both the iPhone and their stable of WP7 phones. He ended up coming out of the store with the LG Quantum. Same thing with my sister and her husband. She called me a couple days ago asking which phone I had because it was really easy to use when I let her borrow it. Boom, she and her husband went to AT&T and are getting two LG Quantums also.Both times I told my family to try both the iPhone and WP7, and WP7 came out on top. That's word of mouth advertising.
  • I think this is how the iphone came to be as popular as it is.
  • I will be leaving sprint soon too many people who don't know what they are doing . Sprint is destined to fail. I love my arrive.
  • Of course they're going to put an awesome Windows Phone in the ad. It makes it more believable, because they say you get up to $240 in credit. THIS PHONE IS TOP OF THE LINE, YOU'LL GET $240 FOR SURE =)
  • The other Problem with Sprint that is LAME also is that This is their Only WP and the Same when the TP2 was the only one. They put the WP at the Bottom of the phone page. You had to Look for it through all the Phones and find it at the bottom. I would of thought they would put it right up on Top with the HTC EVO, Like Family. Stupid. I Love my HTC ARRIVE!!! I came to Sprint for the TP2. I hate Apple!!! I will stay Sprint until they **** up the Arrive model slide out keyboard with WP. I may leave carrier but not WP. The other Problem kinda stated in one of the comments is, Microsoft and all the Phone Manufactures of Windows Phones Need to come out with a Group Marketing plan. They all need to let the world know that this Mango is batter than the other Forbidden Fruit. Microsoft doesn't market it like Apple. They jus throw it out there and say swim. O Well.
  • I kinda have to agree with litepink I am in the carrier business and the first thing I thought was the reason its htc arrive is bescause its probable the only phone right now that the trade is is at the maxiuim for 249.99.Its the same as a local gameshop who does trade ins there flyer always says get up to X dollars and the picture of the game is the one that you get that credit for. This is simple marketing tbh as its anyone with a arrive can look at that ad and go if I trade back in my phone they will give me 249.But if this isn't the case I raise my pitchforks with the rest of you and demand some heads to roll.
  • As sandmanfvr pointed out, the Arrive will only get you $75 for trade-in.
  • I was at Telus yesterday and the sales people don't even show people Windows Phones when they ask about them, they sort of lead people away from them. When I asked why, he said, "Well... it's, you know... Not good." Yeah, good thing to say to someone that likes it.Also, as sad as it is, when I asked when or if they'll be getting the Titan, I was greeted with just an, "i'unno"-type gaze and an, "I'm not even sure if we'll get it."Carriers aren't putting any effort into selling WP, for some reason or another. It doesn't make sense to bank on iPhone so royally (every ad in store is of a 4S? As if the 4S needed it)...It's a really sorry situation, and Sprint's little event is probably just the tip of the iceberg (with regards to carrier-effort for WP).
  • I think we just need to use patience... MS is clearly in this for the long haul this time. By making Metro the interface for Windows 8, we can be completely assured that Windows Phone is sticking around for at least the next 4-5 years.And I highly suspect once people start getting tablets with Win8 on them, they will want the same great interface on their phones and WP will pick up a lot of momentum.Right now Android and iPhone are seen as "cooler" by people who just don't knwo better... and unfortunately that is 99.5% of the people out there. But I really do think they will get a run for their money once people get a taste of Metro and we get another couple iterations of WP... now that they have fixed the annoyances and inconsistencies, and added multitasking, I am expecting some mind blowing stuff in the next few updates.I think it will help if they even just add the ability to customize the tiles a little more, with different colors and whatnot... my first impression of WP was that it was rather bland looking. People need to be wowed when they turn it on.