The Sprint Arrive is now available--all you need to know

Today is the day folks, the first CDMA Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive, is now available on Sprint (actually, some people were able to get theirs a few days ago). Not only is it the first CDMA Windows Phone, but it's also the first phone in the U.S. to ship with 'NoDo' (copy paste, performance enhancements, better search)--which is actually nicer than we thought.

For those who are new, take a look at our past coverage and catch up on all you need to know:

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Well this is out now so can the rest of us get NoDo now? Monday maybe? I mean come on, enough already.
  • Device is pretty descent.
  • I love it!!!! I was skeptic at first!! Also, my representative told me that they accidentally sold a couple of phones yesterday!!! I love it though, the screen is soooo beautiful!! Much more better than the Evo's screen! I do miss the size but not as much as I thought!! It is significantly, no let me rephrase, SIGNIFICANTLY heavier than the Evo which does bother me a lot. I can get used to it though. I love it and the tiles are great!!
  • i got mine yesterday, switching from the old palm pre. while i miss the great multi tasking abilities and hackability of the pre, im enjoying every other facet of my new arrive. "cards" will be coming with mango and hopefully the homebrew community and movement can grow soon (any news on it?) so im good. downloaded a butt load of apps, set everything up and im definitely a happy camper. the only hiccup i had was that i wasn't getting 3g speeds for a about half a day. really annoying, but it seemed to fix itself this morning. WP7 FTW
  • I don't know why everyone is excited about this phone. No 4G, No WiFi Hotspot, No Flash, No expandable storage, No front camera, outdated specs. Please tell me why I should get this?
  • *you* shouldn't.
  • Depends on what you use, right? I have an EVO and barely ever use the "4G" part, so shrug. Same with Wifi hotspot--I'd rather tether for better speeds/battery life.Flash is just horrible and don't care about that either, it has 16GB of storage which is enough for my needs, I don't use video conferencing/find it gimmicky...Not sure why we need to convince you to get it--you buy what you want/need and that's it. If it doesn't have the features you want, you pass. For my needs, this phone is perfect, so "buy". No mystery here.
  • my exact sentiments daniel. there is no 4g in san diego and i honestly have no need for crazy 4g speeds. i survived with 8gb on the pre and i dont think ill ever fill up 16gb on a phone at the moment. while the specs may be outdated, msft and htc did a good job of making this os work really, really well on the device. ive noticed a slight lag on my wife's evo shift that i have yet to experience on my arrive.i think by the time i feel i need these things, my contract will be over and i'll be able to upgrade to a new phone that will have them and more. i wish my premiere benefits didn't expire at the end of the month so i could get the new wp7 phone in the summer, but this will definitely do just fine for the next couple of years.
  • 4g eats yours battery for 1, not everywhere has 4g hotspot eats your battery also. why would you need expandable memory with 16gb on board and 25gb skydrive? seriously? how many people actually use video chat? outdated specs, now you should slap yourself for saying that. this is technology we're talking aboutwhat comes out today is outdated tomorrow get real