Hands on with the Sprint HTC Arrive

Yes, our Sprint HTC Arrive has showed up and we're liking it so far. The device is the final production model headed to stores this weekend and it rocks the latest build of Windows Phone 7, 7389 with NoDo on board.

For those curious, no sign of the MicroSD card though it may be under a tiny metal door--more on that later. But sporting 16GB of memory should be enough for a lot of folks. The volume sliders appear to changed slightly--while not raised too prominently, they are very wide, making volume adjustments a breeze. The Arrive is comparable to the Touch Pro 2 in size, though noticeably thinner.

Overall, first impressions matter and ours is the Arrive is a winner. The screen is better than the HD7s', the keyboard is better than the LG Quantum and the design is quite stellar. Look for our review shorty by George Ponder and smaller follow up review by Daniel Rubino.

Have questions you need answered now? Fire off in comments and we'll get to them later tonight.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • How does the tilt keyboard and mechanism feel? I've read different opinions. Some say its very sturdy, others say its unstable/wobbles and annoying to slide.
  • Also curious about the sliding mechanism and your opinions on the physical keyboard
  • Keyboard itself is awesome, one of the best I've used.Slider mechanism is unique. You need two hands to guide the KB open, which is fine, since you need 2 hands to type. It feels strong and sturdy to me, no fear of it breaking. But I can also see this as being a personal choice with some really liking it and some not.
  • I agree with Dan on the keyboard but I'm still undecided on the slide mechanism. It's solid but the screen tilts up automatically. I don't know if a system similar to the Tilt 2 would have been better that lets the screen lay flat or tilt depending on the need.
  • Yeah, I would wonder the same thing. In general I don't like that kind of thing, but do love a physical keyboard. Guess that's why I have a BB right now. I just had my father order one today though, so excited to see it next week.I am passing though, need that global roaming Sprint!
  • I remember the phone is advertised as having surround sound, any comments on the sound?Also, does the phone have an indicator light that alerts you when you have a message?
  • Your confusing Surround Sound with SRS Wow HD. This has the latter.Indicator light, like all HTC devices, is for charging only. No WP7 have message indicator lights.
  • And can you guys also talk about the 25 gigs of cloud storage? I'm curious to know what that's all about...
  • all windows phones comes with a live account that you can store 25 gigs of data on live.comactualy anyone that has a live or hotmail account can do this so all your pictures that you take with the phone can be automatily sent to the cloud.
  • That's standard Microsoft SkyDrive stuff, part of all WP7 devices.
  • But we can't upload Office docs or any other kind of files-only pics and videos. I don't understand that limitation...
  • Does the NoDo have custome ringtones ???
  • No.
  • With that said we might not see custom ringtones until Mango!! you have got to be kidding me Microsoft .. this can't be that diffcult..
  • anyways nice review Daniel Rubino, if you see any hidden gems in NoDO please share with us like any bluetooth stuff like watching videos over bluetooth :)
  • Thanks. Will be tinkering all night and be doing a few follow up posts over the next 48hrs.
  • Was curious if both IE and text messaging screens work in landscape mode?
  • Definitely. Landscape works in the key things, email, marketplace, messaging, IE. Third party support is hit or miss, depends on the developer e.g. it works in GoVoice (Google Voice app), which is great.
  • okay, now the real question is, and idk if u can answer this yet but should a sprint user looking for a wp7 device, with a available upgrade, grab this next sunday? Or wait for a better wp7 device in the future?...
  • That I can't answer. I mean, there will always be something "on the way" but I really have no idea on Sprint's immediate plans for WP7. I'm sure we'll see something from Samsung, but just no idea if they'll wait till Fall/Mango for a second push.
  • good point! so i guess it really doesnt matter if i upgrade now or not, thanks for all the helpful info btw...
  • grab this next sunday.
  • I'm excited. I'm first on the list when the Sprint store by my work gets it. I'm thinking of all sorts of evil ways to destroy my Touch Pro.
  • - How about the on-screen KB, so far do you think its serviceable enough that you won't need the physical landscape keyboard, except for serious typing? What do you prefer using on this device?....I'll think of more later.
  • On screen KB is great for quick responses/text messages. It's totally fine for that use...heck, the quantum has a 3.5" screen and I can use that for the same thing.Preference: I use both, like you said KB for serious typing, on screen for short things.
  • Thank you.
  • Can you confirm the screen type? Regular LCD or SLCD? And then can you just give some impressions of how it looks and if it will be a dealbreaker in day to day use?
  • SLCD and it's good. One of the nicest screens I've used. Not as good as a Super AMOLED, but it's better than HD7 or the Quantum. I'd give it a B+.
  • I have one on reserve I'm first in line, but dishing out 300 upfront is starting to hurt, I checked around and amazon wireless has it for 150, so does radio shack, I waited this long I can wait 3 more days to receive it by mail. does anyone know if Best buy will have it on launch day?Edit, I checked my local Radio Shack, and she called the sprint rep and they told her they would have some phones at launch day. I haven't made it out to Best Buy, but I'm not buying mine from Sprint. We always pay the highest phone prices, and it's time for us to stop that, vote with your dollars, go elsewhere, not that it hurts them but still, save yourself some money. $150 at Radio Shack.
  • It is looking real good! I am giving my Evo to my gf and getting this! I do have a question about the cloud storage. Is it possible to save your music on the cloud or does it have to go on the sd card?
  • Nope on the cloud storage. The SD card and internal memory act as one and the same--music just fills up memory. It gets backed up when you sync to your computer.
  • Do the keyboard arrows work like normal (i.e., scroll page and move cursor)?
  • Yup. Great for editing text/deleting single letters, etc.
  • Any games come pre-installed? AT&T had IloMilo as an exclusive for a while. Anything like that on the Arrive?
  • No games pre-installed. In fact, it barely has anything besides stock apps.
  • Another question if you don't mind: How much of the metallic-looking material is actually metal and how much is chrome painted plastic?
  • Chrome band around the phone is most probably metal, so is the back plate. Rest is plastic of some type. Build quality feels a lot like the Touch Pro 2.
  • I saw the Storage specs on HTC's website. They list "16 GB eMMC". Does that mean it uses built in Flash storage which is faster as opposed to SD Card storage? Can you see any speed difference between the Arrive and Focus?
  • The Arrive has a little more zip than the Focus in some areas, most noticeably with the Marketplace. Not enough to put the Focus to shame but noticeable.I would credit this to the updated version of WP7 that's running on the Arrive more than anything else.
  • How is the browser speed? Perhaps in comparison to other OSes?
  • Does Arrive have the ability to enter vibrate mode automatically whilst in a meeting?Does the NoDo update fix any of the reported bugs of WP7?
  • how would it know you are in a meeting? by your calendar?
  • Yeah, I was wondering if it would automatically silence on scheduled appointments on you calendar.