LG Quantum for a penny at AT&T [Update: Surround too]

No telling if this is a permanent deal or just temporary, but AT&T is now heavily discounting the LG Quantum, dropping $399.99 from the retail price making it basically free. Of course you still need that 2-year contract thing to get that price and it looks to be online only (though we're sure you could talk a store into matching it). We've seen third-party retailers offer WP devices for a cent, but not often has AT&T done so directly. (AT&T last dropped prices in early January to $99)

While the Quantum is not the favorite Windows Phone on the market, with some considering its design...less than exciting, the keyboard is pretty top notch and the build quality is just fantastic. Combined with LG's offering of free software in their store, plus great OEM apps (see here, here and here), it's actually a great phone for the text-heavy messenger. (Confession: my Quantum is my default device, there's just something about it that I dig).

Update: Reader RayWP7 lets us know that HTC Surround is also going for $0.01, right here (opens in new tab).

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab); via Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • If Samsung keeps having update issues then this is my next phone. It was a close decision between this and the Focus and I fell prey to the Focus's screen. Foolish me.
  • I'm a proud owner of a Quantum, and I still wouldn't trade it in for anything else. Even without the issues, Samsung has less battery life and less memory than the Quantum.I was originally slightly hoping the HTC Pro 7 would come out on AT&T, but I think I'd still go with the Quantum because the "tilting screen" now seems awkard to use unless you're setting it down on the table and typing on it like a computer.Finally, call me crazy, but I REALLY like the Quantum’s appearance! I would rather have something like this sleek rubberized feel that doesn’t scratch and dents well - I dropped it once, on a hard floor, and it only got a small dent that you can barely see, whereas the metal back has a bunch of scratches on it; the paint on the metal hides the scratches somewhat, but they’re still pretty visible. I’d rather have a durable phone that looks the same over time WITHOUT having to spend money on some case, than something that basically REQUIRES you to buy a case or it looks nice for a few weeks then looks like a scratched up piece of **** .I thought that kind of thing was for iPhone users anyway…
  • I got the Focus for .01 a few weeks ago on Amazon.
  • The HTC Surround is also going for 1 cent online.HTC Surround (TM) - GrayNo Commitment Pricing $499.99 2-yr Contract Price $199.99 Online Discount - $199.98 Total Due at Time of Shipping $0.01 You Save $499.98
  • I have a an LG Quantum, HTC suround and a samsung and honestly the quantum is by far my favorite... pictures never do justice for this device. the quallity, weight, big button qwerty board make the slightly smaller screen size well worth it... only complaint is the battery door :/ the whole device has an awesome rubberized metal BUT the most scratch prone spot is fine metal.