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LG Quantum conveniently appears on "Human Target"

We haven't seen any Windows Phone product placements in awhile, so it was nice to see it play a tiny, but humorous role the other night on "Human Target (Ep 11 of Season 2).

Not much else to say really except keep it up Microsoft, you need the exposure.

You can watch the video clip here on YouTube as Warner Bros ain't letting us embed it (the nerve!).

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  • The Samsung Focus what on Live to Dance last night twice when kelly glover got the call that she made it to the finals and also another team had the focus ..
  • Saw a Windows Phone 7 on Castle (ABC) this week. The Castle character actually used a Bing voice search to see what businesses are around a point of interest in the case they were investigating. Now if the product placement would just show up on Verizon I'd be a happy camper... :-/
  • Ale Alejandro Ale Alejandroooooo....