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Steve Ballmer's relationship with Bill Gates suffered over smartphone strategy disagreements

Steve Ballmer’s smartphone strategy when he was head of Microsoft caused some strain between himself and company co-founder Bill Gates, according to a new interview with the former CEO.

Former CEO Steve Ballmer believes Microsoft 'has to chart a direction in mobile devices'

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated in a new interview that his former company "has to chart a direction in mobile devices". However, he believes that it will find that direction under current CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft's Chris Pratley, Mike Tholfsen and Chris Yu dish on Redmond's culture shift

From the outside looking in, we've watched Microsoft undergo a cultural shift. But what do employees with an inside perspective have to say about the "new Microsoft?" Microsoft's Chris Pratley, Mike Tholfsen and Chris Yu give us the inside scoop!

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks universal app strategy 'won't work'

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated today that the company's current strategy of offering universal apps that run on Windows 10 PC and smartphones "won't work" and would like to see Windows Phone allowed to run Android apps.

Steve Ballmer talks about Microsoft competing with Amazon and Apple in new interview

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke frankly in a new video interview about how he feels his former company competes against Amazon and Apple.

Highs and Lows Part III: Microsoft's Smartphone Strategy - Rules of Engagement, Business Unusual

In this piece, we'll look at how Microsoft is addressing the challenge of engaging the millions of users acquired through its low-end strategy. We will observe how massive internal organizational changes have laid the groundwork for Microsoft to engage users of its mobile phone platform.

Steve Ballmer: 'Nobody wanted me to leave' as Microsoft CEO

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated in an TV interview today that he was not forced out of the company when he announced his resignation plans in August 2013 (he finally left in February), but did seem to admit to some heated discussions with the company's board over the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division.

'Basket Ballmer' sees the ex-Microsoft CEO aim for the hoop, literally

As the owner of the LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer is now focusing his attention on bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy to Los Angeles. Bloomberg Businessweek is running a feature on the executive that offers a glimpse into his life after Microsoft, and his passion for basketball.

Steve Ballmer wants to dump iPads for Windows devices for his new LA Clippers team

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acquired the Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team in August, but he's still a big promoter of his old company. In a chat with Reuters, Ballmer confirms that he wants his players and coaches to use Windows products.

Yes, Steve Ballmer wrote the text for the old Blue Screen of Death

A long time Microsoft employee and developer, Raymond Chen, has named the company's former CEO Steve Ballmer as the man responsible for writing the text that is seen in the tragically familiar "Blue Screen of Death" that was seen in old school versions of Windows.

Steve Ballmer steps down as Microsoft board member

One year after Steve Ballmer announced he would retire as CEO of Microsoft, and six months after he was replaced in that position by Satya Nadella, the company has now revealed Ballmer has also left its Board of Directors as well.

Steve Ballmer is the last of Microsoft's CEOs to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Satya Nadella did it. So did Bill Gates. Now Steve Ballmer has become the final Microsoft CEO to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a very quick video.

Steve Ballmer is finally the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

A new report says that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now finally and officially the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA pro basketball team, after a court fight with the team's former owner Donald Sterling went in Ballmer's favor.

Judge rules Steve Ballmer can buy the Los Angeles Clippers

Our favorite second-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has just been cleared to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. They're the professional basketball team that Ballmer has been trying to buy for $2 billion. Former owner, Donald Sterling, has prevented the sale with a lawsuit. Today a judge has ruled against Sterling and Ballmer is cleared to buy the Clippers.

Ballmer's dreams of the Los Angeles Clippys on hold as Sterling prepares NBA lawsuit

Well that was fast. Your dreams of Clippy as a mascot in the NBA are going to be put on hold. Steve Ballmer was basically set to buy professional basketball team the Los Angeles Clippers last Friday. He laid down a cool $2 billion, which would have put it as the most expensive purchase for a basketball team. Turns out current Clippers own Donald Sterling isn't ready to part with the team and has advised his lawyers to sue the NBA.

Steve Ballmer officially lays down $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers

The rumors of Steve Ballmer wanting to pick up the Los Angeles Clippers can now come to an end. It's official. In a statement released on the NBA site confirming the deal, Steve Ballmer now owns the Los Angeles Clippers pending approval by the NBA Board of Governors.

Steve Ballmer reported to be bidding $1.8 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers [Updated]

What do Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison, and Magic Johnson have in common? They're all interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers from embattled owners Shelly and Donald Sterling. The auction, said to be a blind bidding process in which those bidding do not know what their competition has offered, is moving quickly, with the Sterlings looking to unload the NBA franchise after Donald's racist comments led to his being forcibly removed from the leadership of the team. Ballmer's interest in the team isn't new, but according to Forbes the former Microsoft CEO is offering $1.8 billion.

Steve Ballmer is looking into buying Los Angeles Clippers

Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reportedly in talks with the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team. Shelly Sterling, who recently bought the team from husband Donald Sterling, met with Ballmer over the weekend to engage in talks of selling the professional team. Mrs Sterling has hesitated in selling out, but with issues staining the team, it would make sense for a deal to be arranged.

Report: Ballmer had board pushback on Nokia deal, originally included HERE Maps division

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a fascinating article today on the behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Microsoft on the Nokia devices acquisition. The four page article is mostly about how CEO Nadella is putting things back together, and asserting his vision, but there are some enthralling tidbits too about how the Nokia deal came to be.

In the report, it’s revealed that the original deal included Nokia’s HERE Maps in addition to Nokia’s hardware division. That’s interesting, if only because many arm-chair CEOs have suggested that Microsoft should just buy everything from Nokia. The Microsoft board, however, disagreed. The main complaint? The deal was “too expensive and complex” and the mapping division was not even needed (between Bing Maps and licensing, it’s not clear why Microsoft needs to own HERE Maps).

Watch Satya Nadella address Microsoft employees for the first time as CEO

You could say today was a pretty big day for Microsoft. The company announced their third CEO today, Satya Nadella. It was big news and to celebrate. To celebrate, former CEO’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer took the stage to welcome Satya on Microsoft’s campus. It took place in Studio D at Microsoft and had hundreds of employees cramming the atrium to catch a glimpse of history. Below are some highlights of the event shared by Microsoft.