Ballmer to present at Mobile World Congress

Microsoft has confirmed that Steve Ballmer will be taking center stage for its Mobile World Congress press conference. Ballmer will be joined by Andrew Lees, Senior Vice President of Microsoft's Mobile Communications business. Microsoft says Ballmer "will highlight the company's latest innovations and partnerships, as well as share insights on the companies strategies and approaches that will enable more opportunities for mobile operators and device manufacturers to deliver exciting solutions for consumers and mobile workers."

It shouldn't be out of the ordinary for Microsoft's CEO to be present or even take the lead, but last year Robert Bach, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division President, represented Microsoft at at the conference. With all the rumors surrounding Windows Mobile 6.5 and Skybox/Skyline/SkyMarket Ballmer's presentation only adds to the buzz.

Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 16-19. The Microsoft presentation will be on the opening day of the congress. And our own Dieter Bohn will be there to send back the latest from the Windows Mobile world.

Via Pocket-Lint

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