Microsoft reportedly to launch cloud services, announce Windows Mobile 6.5 at MWC

Some news is appearing (thanks to the Web site Neowin) ahead of Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona, namely in the form of mobile cloud services that should take on Apple's MobileMe service.

First up is SkyMarket, which was discovered last fall thanks to a couple of job postings. And as we learned then, this is still expected to be Microsoft's mobile app store.

The bigger news comes in the form of SkyBox — think of it as "one cloud to rule them all." You'd get automatic backup and restore services, cloud syncing with your contacts, calendars, pictures and the like. Nothing groundbreaking there, except that it's Microsoft offering all of this in a tidy little package, and we'd expect it to be pretty slick.

What is pretty interesting is that Microsoft would offer SkyBox on devices that don't run Windows Mobile. (Hello, Android?) The SkyMarket app store, however, would still be limited to WinMo devices, which makes sense.

Finally there's SkyLine, the business version of SkyBox.

Neowin also says that Windows Mobile 6.5 should be officially unveiled at MWC.

No word on pricing or release dates yet, but we should have plenty to look forward to in Barcelona.

Via Engadget

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  • 'What is pretty interesting is that Microsoft would offer SkyBox on devices that don't run Windows Mobile. (Hello, Android?) '
    Hello, Palm (webOS)? ;-)
    Could definitely help Palm, and Palm should very soon include this into webOS! Imo. a very clever idea. You get people with various phones to use it, and make it easier for them to convert to a WinMob phone subsequently. And, if they are really good, they offer unique functionalities for WinMob phones, so that people actually WANT to switch to it, and not from it to another supported platform.
  • I hope the sky prefix catches on. Im so sick of the lowercase 'i' in front of every generic word.
  • My Documents
    My Computer
    My Pictures (no more in vista) iTunes
    iMac SkyBOX
    SkyLINE hopefully that Sky things catches on and everything that has to do with our phones can finally integrate under the "SKY" cloud
  • I have been getting some hits from Microsoft employees (surprisingly, they are searching the net using Google and Firefox browser, lol) with search terms like "itunes", "app store" and "interface". This probably explains why. :)