Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots Surface

Smartphone France has scored images of what appear to be legitimate screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.5. What we're looking at here appears to be a new, sliding-panels-inspired today screen and also a pretty cool and interesting hexagon/beehive shaped shortcut screen. It's a nice change from your standard square look, though we wonder how a 5-way dpad would handle that.

The look, at least on the sliding panels portion you see at right, has a decidedly Zune-feel too it (of which we approve), and we also like that the non-selected items display information too (note the weather and the email lines).

In all, it certainly looks like 6.5 is going to give Windows Mobile some shiny, good-looking elements. It remains to be seen what sort of added functionality we'll be getting in addition to the above. Cross your fingers for that Music icon!

[via wmpoweruser]

WC Staff