Taipei has a ton of enthusiasm for Windows Phone Mango

We're not going to lie, the 'I Love Windows Phone' site and fans have a bit more enthusiasm for the launch of Windows Phone than we had here.  What you are watching above is a fan made video made for a "Mango" preview meet-up held in Taipei a few weeks ago. Okay, so it's not like a ton of people showed, but damn these kids have spirit! Anyways, it's a fun video for the weekend and great to see our friends in the Asian markets jumping on the Windows Phone train.  You can see more pics here.

Maybe we should organize a meet-up someday. Hmmm...

Source: ILoveWP; Thanks, Nicholas, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Pretty epic... I just wish I knew what it was all for lol.
  • It's like what's going on tonight, with GDGT. It's a hands on preview event where folks can come talk about, play with and experience Windows Phone. Don't forget, WP hasn't launched there yet. This was the 1st time many could see an actual WP in person ;-)
  • No, WP was launched in Taiwan already. But due to the lack of local language support, only a small amount of Taiwanese (those who are able to at least read and type simple English) actually buy so far.Many are still waiting for Mango, which will support native traditional Chinese.It is a Taiwanese WP fan club's party and they invited several MS-Taiwan employees to introduce the Mango prototype. Most of the participants have their own WPs while some are still doing their homework on the forum.(I'm Taiwanese living in US but I didn't know this fan club before I read this article. I think they might have to do more on advertisement.)
  • That's incredibly nerdy. Way to go! :D
  • Pretty cool!