Teewe, the Chromecast alternative in India, gets a Windows Phone app

Teewe is an HDMI dongle that allows you to stream media wirelessly from your smartphone to a television. It's similar to Google Chromecast although made for the Indian market and focuses on local content – movies and TV shows.

Teewe has had an app for Android and iOS for a while, but with the launch of the next generation Teewe 2 earlier this week, the company has also finally released their Windows Phone app.

Once you've plugged the Teewe device into your TV's HDMI input, you need to open the Teewe app on your phone, name your Teewe, and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. That's it, really. The app allows you to watch YouTube videos, browse the photos and videos on your media, and watch featured premium and curated content from sources the company has partnered with.


Teewe allows for a great connected home entertainment system without the need for an expansive media center or similar device. It's small, seamless, and affordable. The Windows Phone app also works pretty well showcasing the featured content and the ability to stream media from your device or the Web.

Thanks @WPcyte for the tip!

Abhishek Baxi
  • Yes!!! Take that Chromecast!!!... Whatever that is....
  • Lol aw how I love the anti Google comments on Windows Phone Central. Hating is all a few of you just spout Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows on a Lumia 640
  • Maybe if google didnt intentionally do things to attack the platform they wouldn't get hate.
  • Who gives a shit what google does. Oh I guess yall do. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Where should I get tewee device in India.
  • Online on their website
  • Hey Kunalya - visit www.teewe.in to avail one year extended warranty :)
  • Nice name. Teewe.
  • Like Tiny Weiner... IDK. That's what I think of...
  • Thanks !
  • BaxiAbhishek, when you will update your great app "INcode"??
    U haven't updated it since 10months.
  • I hear you! It's in the works. Should be out soon.
  • God bless u.
  • Where to buy a TeeWe though?
  • Amazon.in or Flipkart.com or teewe.in
  • Read the app description in the Windows phone store
  • hey david90531: visit www.teewe.in to buy and avail an extended one year warranty!
  • Did someone say Affordable? ... Make it clear... How much do we have to pay for this ? :)
  • Yes want to knw the cost
  • It cost ₹2400
  • Hello Friend... Its 2K.. See http://www.amazon.in/Teewe-Wireless-Media-Streaming-Dongle/dp/B00UBN56KK... EDIT: Sorry, 2K is for the old version. Cheers, dc
  • @abhishek really as I TIP this news 2 day ago & still no name.
    Moreover WC team was late on news for 2 day.
  • Arpit, check this tweet: https://twitter.com/topgunalu/status/600163110108856321 This tip arrived way before you, and has been credited. Not the first time you're trolling.
  • Finally!!!! been waiting for this app...
  • I think with the universal app model and easy to port application source codes strategy, a lots of new developers ar joining the Windows phone community....
  • I was about to preorder and damn - this app isn't available for your device - the message tripped me to check, guess the 1020 is not supported so no point spending - mirroring is what I need, YouTube casting is not important
  • The app is not available to my phone
    NOKIA Lumia 1520 Denim with US region settings
  • Will this, or chromecast, allow me to stream my PC display to the tv?
  • When in Ind... oh wait
  • Is this a jab at how some folks have trouble with the "v" sound?