Test your vision and skip the eye doctor with the $60 EyeQue VisionCheck

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We all get older, and part of getting old means your eyesight will get worse over time. Frequent checkups are important if you want to ensure that your eyes are still healthy, but visiting your eye doctor often can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive. With the EyeQue Vision Check, you can skip your trip to the optometrist and test your eyes from the comfort of your own home for just $59.99. 

The EyeQue VisionCheck is a handy ophthalmic refractometer that lets you test your eyesight without going to the doctor’s office. This device will measure your eyesight within three tests and give you an accurate set of EyeGlass numbers that you can use to order new glasses. You can also upload your old prescriptions to measure how much your eyesight has changed. We recommend using the VisionCheck at least once a month to measure your eye health so you can better determine the next time to meet your optometrist.

Getting your vision tested regularly is necessary to keep track of your eye health, and the VisionCheck lets you do so without a pricey eye doctor trip. The EyeQue VisionCheck is on sale today for $59.99, or 13% off.

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