Thermodo, turn your Windows Phone into a pocket thermometer [Updated]

Robocat is a mobile software developer from Copenhagen, Denmark that has mostly concentrated their efforts over on the iOS and Android platforms. One of their more popular apps is Thermo, a temperature app, that often confused users thinking the app turned their iPhone into a thermometer (even though the app description clearly states Thermo shows the current temperature outside).

This confusion sparked the idea with Robocat to develop a plug-in sensor, the Thermodo, that would turn your smartphone into a thermometer. The company needed funding to develop the hardware and tossed the concept over to Kickstarter and because of the success, Robocat has expanded the support for Windows Phone with the Thermo app in the works for our Windows Phone.

The Thermodo sensor looks rather interesting. The sensor plugs into your 3.5mm headphone jack and sends the temperature readings to the Thermo app. When not in use, the sensor has a key chain holder to keep things handy. The Thermodo will be offered in black or white plastic and anodized aluminum.

The Thermodo Kickstarter campaign has eleven days remaining and has raised well over $250,000 (their goal was only $35,000). The $1 minimum pledge packages offers a mention on the Robocat website but the $25 pledge will gets you the choice of one black or white sensor. Other pledge packages start at $25 and top out at $999 which gets you a trip to Copenhagen to tour the Robocat Studio along with an aluminum sensor and a little Robocat swag.

For more information on the Thermodo, you can find all the Kickstarter information here. Robocat is also offering the SDK for Windows Phone so other developers can integrate the Thermodo in with their apps.

Update: We've recieve clarification on a few things from Robocat.  The original notice we recieved had Windows Phone support for Thermodo already in place.  Apparenty that is not the case.  Robocat has to reach $400K on Kickstarter before the company commits to Windows Phone.  Additionally, Thermo isn't coming to Windows Phone but rather a companion app for Thermodo sensor, should the fund raising goal be met.

It's a neat concept but I'm not sure it's worth the investment seeing that Windows Phone support is no longer a guarantee.

George Ponder

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