This week saw some NSFW material be broadcast mid-stream during a tournament broadcast as part of Dead or Alive 6 marketing, FACEIT announce plans for a PUBG esports spectacle in London, and Newzoo release a report predicting the industry to pull in $1 billion in revenue.

Let's FACEIT, PUBG esports was always coming to London

FACEIT announced plans to team up with PUBG Corp to see the first global event hosted in London this Spring. In 2018, FACEIT was incorporated into PUBG to allow for competitive ranked play between players and now the partnership has moved to esports and the big stage.

The event is planned to be held at the ExCeL in London, seeing 24 teams from North America, Europe, Korea, China, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Oceania compete against one another. This news follows the 25 percent revenue share set up by PUBG Corp covering in-game items.

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Tickets are already on sale, should you fancy attending.

Esports revenue to hit $1 billion this year


According to a recent report published by market research firm Newzoo, total revenue brought in by esports is expected to hit $1 billion for 2019. Figures provided by Newzoo show the industry potentially scoring a year-on-year growth of 27 percent. It's estimated around 82 percent of the total market will come from big brand investments and sponsorships.

The report also points to China becoming number two in terms of revenue, overtaking Europe to be behind North America. Viewer figures are also expected to rise up to a predicted 453.8 million. The industry continues to grow at a stable rate, attracting more brands such as Kia Motors to get involved and spend some capital.


Dead or Alive 6

Evo decided to shut down its Japanese stream during an esports tournament due to inappropriate material being broadcast. What makes this even more intriguing is how the issues were actually part of Dead or Alive 6 marketing, as reported by Dexerto.

Things turned south when presenters paused a video showing gameplay to make it look as though two in-game characters were engaged in a sexual act, followed by two models revealing more of their cleavage on stream. Whoops.

Upcoming live events

  • World of Warcraft Arena Spring Cup #4 - February 22 - 24, watch on Twitch.
  • FACEIT PUBG Global Summit - April 19 - 21, watch on Twitch.